Sr. X paints the giant Village Underground and portrays an old man with pizza in his beard

The latest artist to paint the famed Village Underground wall in Shoreditch is London based Spanish painter Sr.X.  Familiar to regular readers of this blog, we last caught up with him last year when he held a solo show in Dalston’s BSMT Space gallery.

Now, he’s taken his brand of unique street art and taken it up a notch by becoming the latest artist to paint the famous wall replacing an equally impressive effort from another popular local artist, Fanakapan.

The wall itself is the biggest Sr.X has ever painted and took three days to complete.  We caught up with him having just finished day two.  In true Sr.X style he was chilled out and admiring his work with a beer in his hand, well deserved after a full on days painting with his nose to the wall.

sr x
The finished piece from Sr. X

This mural displays a old man (he looks like a fisherman) with a long white flowing beard contained within which looks to be the remnants of his dinner.  Whether the old sea dog got a bit quesy on a long voyage is anyones guess.

As for it’s meaning, there really isn’t one, what you see is what you get straight from the vivid imagination of Sr.X and what an imagination it is.  Let’s hope we see plenty more of his stuff on the walls of London in 2017.

Sr.X and the Village Underground wall was visited on Saturday 28 January 2017 and Sunday 29 January 2017.  The wall took three days to complete.

Sr. X Village Underground Gallery

sr x
The almost finished mural on day two
sr x
The completed mural on the village underground wall
sr x
Mural with traffic
sr x
The view in the hotel opposite
sr x
The mural from Holywell Road


  1. can ask,sf X to email me,regarding the painting of the pizza man in shoreditch,i would like to use it for my album.Please check out my song on youtube,Take your time Love and Light, you will see the like nest .many thanks,mycal

    1. HI, i’ve spoken to Sr.X and he is cool with you using the image. He’s also around on instagram if you wanted to get in touch with him or facebook as well,

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