ROA’s Shoreditch hedgehog gets an update from Jim Vision

Giant Hedgehog mural on chance street in shoreditch

It’s one of the most iconic pieces of street art in Shoreditch and it’s prime location on Chance Street just by the crossing to Shoreditch High Street means that it is right in the heart of things.  But ROA’s giant hedgehog, a staple of the scene for the past four years or so, has now received a makeover.

And to be fair it’s probably necessary, the tagging had got pretty bad along the base of the mural and although when that has previously happened it’s just been touched up and restored to it’s former glory, you can only do that so many times.

Giant Hedgehog mural on chance street in shoreditch
The original hedgehog mural from ROA has received a bit of a makeover

ROA’s Evolving Hedgehog

Besides, what is street art if it can’t evolve?  By it’s very nature in an area like Shoreditch things have a shelf life and unless we are going to carry huge slabs of perspex sheeting everywhere so that these things can be protected, it’s got to be expected that things will change.

The resulting update from local artist Jim Vision now sees the graffiti riddled base of the mural replaced with cavemen carrying spears and attacking the poor thing.  It even comes complete with it’s own little cave drawing.  It’s an ingenius way to breath new life into the piece and to re-energise the wall.

DSC_0371 3
It comes complete with cave drawing

Belgian artist ROA is well known for his urban animals which encroach upon the the walls of the cities he visits.  In London there are still a number of long standing pieces which have stood the test of time over the years but this one is probably one of his best known. We featured a number of his London artworks on this post a few years back.

Jim Vision is also a busy artist and his work too can often be seen in the area.  Just around the corner from his cheeky update to the hedgehog he’s added a mural onto another popular spot on Whitby Street adding to works from the likes of Jimmy C and Ben Naz.  So if you can get out to Chance Street to spot the hedgehog then it’s well worth catching those pieces too.

The Hedgehog with additions from Jim Vision can be seen on Chance Street in Shoreditch which is a short walk from Shoreditch High Street station.  The wall was visited on 26 March 2017.

Chance Street and Whitby Street gallery

DSC_0367 3
Cavemen attacking the hedgehog
DSC_0366 3
Looking from Chance Street to Shoreditch High Street
DSC_0365 3
Big feet and cavemen
DSC_0368 3
Attacking the beast
DSC_0374 3
Cavemen and the hedgehog
DSC_0382 3
New Jim Vision wall looking from Whitby Street to Chance Street
DSC_0376 3
Detail of the new wall
DSC_0375 3
The wall on Whitby Street by Jim Vision
DSC_0377 3
Existing pieces from Ben Naz and Mondi
DSC_0378 3
Annabelle Tattu piece on Whitby Street
DSC_0380 3
Long standing piece from Jimmy C
DSC_0381 3
Another long standing piece from Jimmy C on Whitby Street

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  1. Love this piece so good to see it’s being updated in a fun way! There’s another ROA over the road from me in Peckham which is also going strong and avoiding the dull tagging!

    1. Ah yes I know that one it’s been there for a while hasn’t it? ROA pieces do seem to stand the test of time there’s quite a few of his pieces around from a good few years ago

  2. It;s a pity that the ROA piece had been tagged over at the base over the past few weeks,,,I’ve been seeing a lot of tagging happening in the area recently. However, I do like how Jim Vision has incorporated his Indians into the piece to cover up the tagging.

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