Greek street artists visit London and put on a show in Dalston

Some of the Greece’s finest street artists got an outing in Dalston as part of the latest group show to be hosted by the popular BSMT Space gallery.

Featuring favourites of this blog, Argiris Ser and Simoni Fontana, the show also introduced us to Wild Drawing (WD) Street art, Cacao Rocks and Thisisopium.  The resultant group show celebrating Greek street art adds itself to a growing roster of street art inspired shows featuring artists from around the World at the BSMT Space.

We first came across Ser & Simoni a few years ago now, when they exhibited at the Moniker Art Fair, Ser produced a series of paintings giving his take on the Greek financial crisis which was and still is enveloping the country.  Since then the artists, who subsequently married, have been fairly frequent visitors to London with Simoni in 2015 having also appeared at the sadly now defunct Femme Fierce festival alongside other Greek artists Mariana Cute and Cleo43.

simoni fontana
Work from Simoni Fontana painted on the wall of the gallery

Simoni’s work remains delicate, her recognisable faces are hypnotic and stare out at you from the canvas.  Ser’s work couldn’t be any more different, his realm is the fantasical, his background is from the street but on the occasions they paint together the combination is magical.

Of the others WD or ‘Wild Drawing‘ street art catches the eye.  His work is usually to be seen painted large scale on the side of buildings but in the show he had produced some more subtle but no less impactful work.  Visitors to downtown Athens will be familiar with his large scale murals, his style a mixture of fantasy and abstract with humanity seeping through.

wd street art
Canvas by Wild Drawing (WD) street art

Thisisopium is a Greek artist based in London, his work is abstract and full of colour, full of symbolism and, according to his website, uses “nature and our detachment from it as a key-point to discuss consciousness and the human condition with references that range from primitivism to surrealism.”

Finally Cacao Rocks, based in Athens, is another abstract painter.  Inspired by hip hop and skateboard culture he is a multi-disciplinary artist moving from the world of graffiti art, to sculpture and installation and back around to painting.  As with the others his work in Athens can be seen all over the city at indeed the World.

The show is another success for the innovative BSMT Space which finds itself playing host to another internationally themed show with some of the World’s top talents.  Inside the gallery is also a mural created just for the show from Fontana.   One of her piercing faces it will be a shame when this gets painted over, as it must for the next time the space is used, so if anything just get down to see that before the show finishes because it will be just too late to do it after.

‘Paracosm’, the show celebrating Greek Street Art, is showing at the BSMT Space Gallery in Dalston from 16 February 2017 to 5 March 2017.  The gallery can be found at 5d Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, N168BH.  For another post on Greek street art have a look here.

Paracosm Gallery 

Simoni Fontana

simoni fontana
Silence by Simoni Fontana
ser simoni
Simoni’s work on the wall next to a canvas from Ser
inspiring city simoni fontana
The artist and the blogger
simoni fontana camden
Work in Camden in 2015
simoni fontana femme fierce
Simoni paiting at Femme Fierce 2015

Argiris Ser

The fantastical creatures of Ser’s imagination
A canvas of strange flowers for the show
ser and simoni heraklion greece
Previous collaboration with Simoni
ser simoni camden
Ser and Simoni together on Hartland Road in Camden from 2015
inspiring city ser
Ser and Inspiring City in the BSMT Space


WD Street Art

wd street art
Work from WD Street Art in BSMT Space
wd street art
WD Street Art
Wisdom Listens a piece in Athens from 2016. Taken from WD’s website
‘Prosperity’ from 2016 in Kemi, Finland. Pic taken from WD’s website


Thisisopium at BSMT Space
Thisisopium at BSMT Space
Thisisopium piece via the ‘Greek Foundation
Thisisopium in Manor House, London. Picture via thisisopium Tumblr
Cacao Rocks

An abstract crab from Cacao Rocks at the BSMT Space
Cacao Rocks and Thisisopium collaboration in Athens. Picture via Ekosystem
Cacao Rock, picture via I Support Street Art
Portrait of the artist via Wide Walls


  1. The opening evening went very well on my short visit and my standouts were by “Wild Drawing”… Greg and Lara have created a small gallery with a big heart that’s for sure!!! During my late morning roam around some of the Camden hot spots of street art, I did snap a “Thisisopium” hiding behind a rubbish skip on the Chalk Farm Estate.

    Seeing the Simoni Fontana on the wall of the BSMT Space Gallery brought back memories of seeing her painting in Leake Street and talking to her. I do like her style of painting. This exhibition made a good addition to a visit to the Unit 5 Gallery and the Doomed Gallery!!! Folks living in London are soooo lucky to have all this street art and galleries on tap!!! Enjoyed your feature on the “Paracomsm” Greek artists exhibition Stuart and seeing some photos from their other works on the streets. Well written….

  2. Thanks Mitch glad you managed to get along to see the shows. I’m going to have to get down to Camden, it’s been too long and I’ve never really noticed Thisisopiums work before now but of course he’s actually been quite active. This show has really opened my eyes to a few new good artists who I’ll enjoy looking out for

  3. Thanks Stuart… Sorry I spelt “Paracosm” wrong…. As for Camden a good tip is to start from Chalk Farm station and work your way down beginning by exploring the Chalk Farm Estate and working your way downhill checking out the hot spots in your featured blog tour! I always make the Ice Wharf on Camden lock a must do stop for a beer or coffee….,

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