Italian Street Artist RUN paints the village underground wall in Shoreditch

Prolific London based artist RUN has become the latest big name to paint the iconic Village Underground wall.

The wall has been getting a lot of attention this year with multiple artists including Stik, Phlegm and the Rolling People all painting their own versions of it. 

The wall is managed by Street Art London and is a key part of their strategy for making the wall a tourist destination in it’s own right.  It is certinaly a tremendous platform for the artists who feature on it.

RUN doesn’t disappoint with his version having chosen to portray a swan with hands for wings and one of his trademark faces where the swans head should be.  Sounds a bit out there but to be fair nothing should suprise with this artist.

Not entirely sure how long this version of the wall will be up for but based on previous form it probably won’t be up for longer than a month before somebody else comes in so get to see it quickly if you can.


The RUN version if the Village Underground Wall


A Swan with Hands for wings


The wall has been painted multiple times this year


The Wings


RUN Special Brew

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