Street Art and Graffiti in Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick has developed over the past few years. Once an industrial hub it is now the trendy bohemian neighbour of the Olympic village. Just over the River Lea you can see the stadium. It’s transformed the area turning it from no go to must go. It’s also a great place to find street art and graffiti.

Of course we do like the whole graffiti and street art scene on this blog. Hackney Wick has been a popular spot for some time now. Although of late it seems like it’s really taken off.  The walls of the 70’s warehouse buildings which line the streets and front the canals do seem ripe for murals.

borondo hackney wick
Tagged Borondo on the Hertford Union Canal

The new Shoreditch?

And with Shoreditch undertaking what is possibly the city’s most massive encroachment it could well be the Wick that stands a chance of becoming the undisputed place to go to see street art although in saying that, even now it’s pretty good.

Walking around I thought I’d follow the route of a free walking tour I posted on a few years ago. Clearly the street art and graffiti of Hackney Wick has pretty much completely changed. The re-modelling of the Olympic Park has also had a big impact on parts of the Fish Island.

There are developments too although not as many as which are currently threatening to engulf the character of Shoreditch.  We’ll see how the Hackney Wick ones turn out but for now it retains it’s character.  For good places to see have a look around Old Ford Lock, Bream Street on Fish Island, the towpath around the Hertford Union lock and the areas around the Crate Brewery.

Hackney Wick Graffiti Gallery

Lea Navigation towpath

hackney wick
The Lea Navigation by the Bow Roundabout, the towpath leads up towards Old Ford Lock in Hackney Wick
WP_20160227_16_08_03_Pro (2) (1)
Sweet Toof artwork on the Lea Navigation
sweet toof hackney wick
Multiple artists including Himbad, Mighty Mo and Sweet Toof on the canalside
hackney wick
Work from the Broken Fingaz at the Old Ford Lock

Fish Island

hackney wick nemos
Nemos on Bream Street in the Fish Island
Neoh work on Stour Street
Paste ups from Neoh on Roach Road
sweet toof hackney wick
Sweet art sticker on a window on Roach Road
This work from Dscreet looks towards the Olympic Stadium from Roach Road

Hertford Union Canal

hackney wick
Graffiti wall with a character
Work from Seapuppy on the canal
hackney wick
Graffiti wall on the Hertford Union Canal

Crate Brewery

The graffiti wall overlooking the canal on White Post Wall by the Crate Brewery
Snake mural on the towpath underneath White Post Lane
The Real Dill on the canal opposite the Crate Brewery
Dscreet owl with work from Ali Hamish on the canal opposite the Crate Brewery

White Post Lane

hackney wick
White Post Lane
hackney wick
Neoh on White Post Lane
hackney wick
Graffiti on White Post Lane
WP_20160227_17_03_24_Pro (2)
Angry face on White Post Lane

Wallis Road and the Lord Napier

teddy baden hackney wick
The Lord Napier just by the entrance to the Hackney Wick station
Teddy Baden ‘Mummy Buys Andrex’ opposite the Hackney Wick station
Collaboration with Frankie Strand and Mutiny on Wallis Road
Pang on Wallis Road
Endangered Crow by Mutiny

Prince Edward Road

Giant mural from Thierry Noir on Prince Edward Road
Brilliant collaboration between Martin Ron and Jiant on Prince Edward Road

The area around Hackney Wick and Fish Island was visited on Saturday 27 February 2017. To read more posts about Hackney Wick and London graffiti check out:

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  1. If you leave Hackney Wick back to more central London via the path along the hertford union canal, you’ll find first 4 sculptures by Jonesy on your right hand side in the wall, about midrif height, bit later a series of bronzes, a little lower, well worth the walk!

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