The First Blog Post

Well I finally decided to take the plunge and try my hand at a blog.  I live in London but only moved down a few months ago and since then have been discovering a vibrant and exciting city.  I’m particularly loving the street art and it’s sheer volume and quality.  East London in particular is a living canvas on which many talented artists express themselves.  Of course with the good comes the bad and there’s still a fair amount of the low grade tagging that gives graffiti and street art in particular a bad name.  But that is the way it is and the vibrancy of city lends itself to the most talented artists visiting time and again.  I intend to try and capture some of this in my blog and who knows what besides.

Update – Here’s a selection of some of my first ever posts. Don’t judge them too harshly, they represent the birth of the blog as I was finding my way 🙂

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