Putting the circus into Piccadilly

Today Piccadilly Circus was transformed into a real circus with acrobats taking over the whole area around the Eros statue with both Regents Street and Piccadilly shut off to traffic and taken over by numerous different acrobatic troupes. It was a pretty surreal sight with trapeze artists, street performers and tightrope walkers everywhere you cared to look.  In terms of atmosphere it was pretty amazing and really did a lot to add to the ‘cultural olympiad’ put on as part of the Olympic celebrations.
The finale took place at 8pm with the the area around Eros covered over with wires on which angel clad performers flew over performing tricks and throwing feathers.  At one point a giant inflatable baby shaped angel was paraded around the circus accompanied by a variety of upbeat music tracks.  As the performers flew over then the feathers flying down became more and more until at the end of the evening the entirety of the area around the circus was covered in a carpet of feathers.  Come the end of the evening people were throwing feathers, making feather angels and kids were having a great time playing in the carpet that now covered the ground.  Anyway I took some pictures, I hope you like them 🙂

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