Eleven the Exhibition by ALO at BSMT Space

Eleven is the latest exhibition from Italian artist ALO taking place at the BSMT Space gallery in Dalston, it’s a place he knows well having previously exhibited here in 2020.

Urban Expressionist

ALO describes himself as an urban expressionist and you can see why. His style is inspired by expressionism but his preferred medium is the street. His desire being to make his work available to a wider audience. To bring fine art into a street setting.

Colour and Pattern

Creating most of the work in ‘Eleven’ during 2022 the show again focuses on his use of colour and texture. He likes to work with patterns and to play with different blends and how they work together. Painting portraits he then re-interprets people he might meet or come across. The result is vibrant and exciting.

Studio and the Street

Primarily now a studio based painter, ALO nevertheless maintains his connection with the street. Many of the works he paints will be re-created there. His method still the same as if he were back indoors. Avoiding spray paint he only uses brushes to create his work so the method is always the same.


Working with aethestic very much at the heart of his work, the name of the show is also a nod to this. Eleven as a number is something that ALO both finds appealing visually when written down and as a number is something he has always felt connected with.

Eleven the solo exhibition from ALO is showing at BSMT Space in Dalston from 8-18 September 2022. The show was visited by Inspiring City on 8th September 2022.

Eleven Exhibition Gallery

ALO at his 'Eleven' exhibition with Lara and Greg from BSMT Space
ALO at his ‘Eleven’ exhibition with Lara and Greg from BSMT Space
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