London Paste Up Festival Returns in October 2022

The London International Paste Up Festival is back for October 2022. As last year it will take place at locations across London’s East End. In total over 300 artists from across the world are expected to showcase their artwork on the city’s walls.

Visitors will be able to see the works starting on Thursday 20 October until Sunday 23 October. This is when the new artworks will be appearing on the streets in the form of collages. Organised by the Art House Project, the idea is to create a space for artists across the world to showcase in London.

Coloquix paste ups will be appearing at the London International Paste up festival

Paste up Art in the East End

Paste up art as a medium sits at the heart of the street art scene in London. Known for it’s variety and quality. It’s often the smaller pieces that can catch the eye. Work is nestled up against each other, across walls of colour.

Artwork from Hamburg’s Bona Berlin

International Artists

The LIPF offers many street artists from around the world a chance to travel to London vicariously through their art. Because of the nature of paste ups, the collages that will be created are works that will quickly fade and change. There will only be a limited time to see them.

Paste ups sent from Dutch artist Perishable Rush

Growing Art Form

Aranzazu Perez, the founder of the international art collective, said: “After our first LIPF last year, we have seen how this under-appreciated form of street art has grown in terms of media attention and with paste-up artists being invited to take part in many different street art festivals. We are hoping that this year’s festival will be even more successful than last year’s in bringing art from around the world to London’s walls free of charge.” 

Norway based ‘Hello the Mushroom‘ is a former London local whose work will soon reappear in the East End

The London International Paste Up Festival will take place between Thursday 20 October and Sunday 23 October 2022. Across the weekend will be paste up workshops, video projections and a street art market. You can follow all the updates on the LIPF Instagram page here.

The London International Paste Up Festival takes place between 20-23 October in Hanbury Street, London

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