Too Much Of A Good Thing Exhibition from Charlotte Rose

Too Much of a Good Thing is the latest exhibition from Charlotte Rose. At the Noho Studios in London it takes a look at some familiar brands and subverts them. It makes the link between iconic marketing that people might remember and how this is then perceived as time passes by.

Charlotte Rose at her exhibition in London
Too Much of a Good Thing is an exhibition from Charlotte Rose

Eat This, Drink This, Smoke This

Eat this, drink this, smoke these, life will improve, your dreams will come through. This type of aspiration was very much at the heart of the Mad Men style marketing of the 50’s and into the latter part of the last century. As a result the likes of Malboro, Kelleggs, McDonalds and Shell all get the Charlotte Rose treatment. Recognisable marketing imagery blended with cartoon characters and juxtaposed writing.

Malboro Cigarettes subverted

Killing Us Softly

Too Much of a Good Thing is an exhibition which explores the beauty, confusion, hypocrisy and nostalgia of brands. Organisations whose driving motivations would not necessarily have been altruistic . According to Rose they “do their best not to admit they are killing us softly”.

Charlotte Rose at the 'Too Much of a Good Thing' exhibition
Charlotte Rose at her exhibition

Model to Artist

Perhaps formerly better known as a model, Charlotte Rose is an artist who only started painting seriously during the lockdown. Her modelling work drying up as the country came to terms with its new reality. Pivoting towards art it was a way of channelling her creative energy and provided the impetus to explore her passion. Now out the other side and Charlotte is able to navigate both worlds.

Visitors to the exhibition at the Noho Studio near Oxford Circus

Noho Studios

Supported by Enter Gallery, the exhibition at the Noho Studios is only Charlotte’s second. Her first at the same venue, proving to be a huge success. ‘I Quit Last Week’ once again exploring the topic of nostalgic branding and it’s legacy. The location a popular one. A spot Charlotte knew well as the location for photo shoots. This time, it’s purpose altered. Filled with art and brimming with a cross section of the creative world. Models, influencers and artists making good use of the backdrop of artworks. Artworks which themselves remember that you really can have too much of a good thing.

Too Much of a Good Thing is an exhibition from Charlotte Rose. It is showing at the Noho Studios from 12th to 17th April 2022 and has been supported by Enter Gallery. Drinks on the opening night were supplied courtesy of Two Swallows Rum.

Charlotte Rose
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