Lets Get Lost Exhibition from Levalet in London

Let’s Get Lost is an exhibition from French street artist Charles Leval aka Levalet at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in London. Known for his paste ups on the streets of Paris. His work carries on the legacy of the likes of Blek le Rat, JR and Jef Aerosol in that great city.

Inspired by self portraits and scenes from his own life this latest body of work features paintings on car doors. The shape of the doors themselves providing a canvas through which he can reveal two narratives. Within each painting the passenger is interacting with a scene taking place around them. That itself is shown on the lower part of the door.

Levalet the artist in the Dorothy Circus Gallery
Levalet by his artwork in the Dorothy Circus Gallery

Street Characters

Levalets characters are often himself but also feature people that he knows. These are then developed and influenced by his passions for theatre, mime, improvisation and photography. In many ways his characters are themselves actors in a much greater show. On the streets in particular his work is meant to interact with the surroundings and the passers by.

Levalet artwork at Lets Get Lost his exhibition in the Dorothy Circus Gallery
Many of Levalet’s works are inspired by theatre and his own image

This is what is trying to be achieved in ‘Lets Get Lost‘. Characters looking out onto a scene playing out in front of them. A snapshot of time caught from both perspectives and etched onto a rusting door which in itself will have seen so much. The artworks in the gallery providing a window to the world outside in much the same way that his work fits in on the Parisian streets.

Lets Get Lost is an exhibition from the French street artists Levalet. It was visited on 26 March 2022 and will run till 26 April 2022 at the Dorothy Circus Gallery, 35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ

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