The Uncanny Valley Exhibition at The Room

The Uncanny Valley is an exhibition featuring artists Conor Murgatroyd and Peter Doyle. Curated by Benjamin Murphy it plays with concepts of the human form. Both artists are known for their depiction of people set within their observations of everyday life.

Uncanny Valley takes its name from a theoretical relationship between the human form and something that closely, but imperfectly, resembles it. Both Murgatroyd and Doyle play with this concept with their work particularly when painting people. Both creating a ‘close but not quite’ version of life.

Exhibition poster for the Uncanny Valley
The Uncanny Valley Exhibition Poster


Curator Benjamin Murphy discussed the show saying “an artist’s connection to their subject…. is something that leaves its mark on both artwork and artist”. Referencing the story of Dorian Grey, this was the story of a painting which was the record, not of how he viewed himself, but of his true character. A painting that was recorded perfectly but kept hidden.

“Each painting takes part of its subject from what is represented and part from the artist themselves” says Murphy. “Trapped within the canvas eternally. Unable to escape. All of their intentions, past experiences, emotions and instabilities are locked within it also. Free to be read and interpreted by the viewer, but never entirely understood”.

Conor Murgatroyd Artwork – Watering Enamel Emulsion on Canvas
Peter Doyle Artwork – Untitled 2022

The Uncanny Valley is an exhibition by Conor Murgatroyd and Peter Doyle and curated by Benjamin Murphy. The location is The Room London, 30 Thornhill Road, Angel, London, N1 1HW. It runs from 10 June 2022 to 1 July 2022. For a catalogue contact

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