Penge Rooftop Gallery at the Blenheim Centre

In the centre of Penge an old multi storey car park has been turned into a rooftop gallery. Filled with artworks from a selection of street and graffiti artists. The concrete walls of the space have been covered in artwork. All this prior to the ultimate redevelopment of the car park and the old Blenheim Centre.

A peep hole on the old car park. Work from Aberdeen’s KMG on the front with layers from Tizer, This One and Fat Cap Sprays

London Calling

Organised by our friends over at London Calling Blog. The Penge Rooftop Gallery is just the latest in a long line of street art projects to have taking place in the area. Already the streets of this South London suburb are awash with street art. Artists from all over the UK and the World are often able to find walls and to add their mark.

Mural from This One painted on the ramp leading to a piece from Abraham

Blenheim Centre

The top of the old multi-storey car park though is a new space and supported by local developers Clarion Housing and the Hadley Property Group. Currently they are deciding what to do with whole Blenheim Centre which sits at the heart of Penge. Until such time it’s still operating in part but certain sections have been closed such as the top of the multi-storey.

Tizer’s Yeti scene inside a vestibule of the car park

Surface for Artists

It means that the space has been made available to local artists. Though actual access is still restricted. London Calling Blog, who facilitate the the Penge Rooftop Gallery, periodically will arrange public access days. By far the best thing to do is to follow their instagram to get the heads up for when they are likely to be. The plan is for the whole space to be refreshed every two to three months. It means a plentiful amount of fresh surfaces for artists to access.

Works from Japanese artist Enigma in the Penge Rooftop Gallery

A selection of artworks from the first iteration of the Penge Rooftop Gallery. The top two storeys of the multi-storey car park have been closed and made available for artists. Below is only a selection of the street art you can see.

@inspiringcity Penge Rooftop gallery viewing days 10-3 on 7th and 21st May in the Bleinheim centre car park on Penge High Street. #streetart #graffiti @thisones_art @tizerid #londoncallingblog ♬ ART – Akira the Don & Jordan B. Peterson
Impactful picture of a child with hand outstretched from Abraham
Abraham’s mural with the Penge sky
Portrait from Irony and smaller piece from Fat Cap Sprays
Jay Kaes
Sky HIgh
Maikel Walkman
Vinnie Nylon with This One
This One murals all around the ramp
Looking the other way
This One
Nush Poke
Smaller work from Nush Poke with car park in the distance
Nush Poke
Micho Gato
Oliver Switch
Zaki Dee
KMG Yeah
KMG Yeah
Airborne Mark
Fat Cap Sprays
Fat Cap Sprays
Another work from Fat Cap
PAD 303
Reves One
Tizer’s encompassing mural in Penge
Tizer’s yeti driven car
Tizer next to another of his pieces on the top of the Rooftop Gallery
Abraham with Enigma
Artworks in the car park
Graffiti artworks in the car park

The Penge Rooftop Gallery was visited on 2 April 2022. Artists have been painting over the previous months prior to the initial opening days. The plan is for the artworks to be regularly refreshed. Keep and eye out for London Calling Blog to find out when the next open days are.

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