Delphian Gallery launch the Lockdown Editions

The Delphian Gallery have launched the lockdown editions A series of new and exclusive prints they are aimed at supporting artists during the pandemic. Each edition will be available for only 30 days with one released each week. Artists will benefit with around 90% of the purchase cost going straight to them.

It’s an initiative which the founders of the gallery, Benjamin Murphy and Nick JS Thompson, think they are well placed to support with. The Delphian has no fixed space and no staff. As such their overheads are significantly smaller than other galleries. They promote a regular grouping of artists but in an agile way. Putting on exhibitions only when they choose to.

Supporting Artists

“From the very start, we wanted Delphian to be a catalyst for a new way of working” they said in a statement. “The lack of a regular income is made doubly trying when twinned with an economic downturn that has no immediate end date in sight. Artists not only have to pay rent for their homes during this but also the rent for their studios”.

Core to their aim is to use the platform they have to support emerging artists. Certainly this is about giving something back in unprecedented times. The editions themselves will be released one a week. Printed on demand, the edition will close after 30 days. After that, it closes. The amount sold becomes the number of edition.

Lockdown Editions

For artists the experience of the lockdown has had devastating effects. Many have seen exhibitions cancelled and work streams dry up. Work spent in producing a show which is suddenly cancelled leaves a big gap. It means that despite preparing for so long, any sales they might have expected just don’t happen.

It’s a trying time but things like the lockdown editions do help. Creating an outlet in which artists can sell their work. The Delphian Gallery themselves also have a great eye when spotting emerging talent. It means that the artists taking part will be of top quality and will be worth watching.

Benjamin Murphy and Nick JS Thompson of the Delphian Gallery
Nick JS Thompson and Benjamin Murphy talk to Inspiring City about the Lockdown Editions

The Lockdown Editions from the Delphian Gallery were launched on 20 April 2020. They will run for the period of the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. One print a week will be released at least until this is finished.For more posts featuring the work of the Delphi


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