Tape artist Benjamin Murphy causes some Gilded Chaos at Beers London

The new show from tape artist Benjamin Murphy has resulted in another immersive experience in glorious monochrome.  Six months in the making, Murphy has pulled out the stops to make sure his latest show is his biggest yet.

The first solo exhibition to be held at the Beers London gallery, Murphy spent two weeks prior to the show opening transforming the space into a full on sensory experience.  The whole bigger and better thing is something Murphy seems to have taken to heart following previous exhibitions which already showed his passion for the immersive.


Originally from the Yorkshire town of Ilkley, Murphy has made East London his home over the past few years.  Originally starting out placing his tape art on the street, Murphy has evolved over the years into an artist whose work is highly anticipated.  Shows such as 2014’s Morella with Sophie Mason and Pang and 2013’s ‘Nero’ with Millo certainly didn’t hurt in terms of putting his work on the map

Look around the streets of Shoreditch and you might also see some of his work.  Amnesty International has a tape drawing on it’s window which can be seen on New Inn Yard and there are others dotted around on windows in the area.  One of his most famous works once covered the staircase windows of the Great Eastern Street car park.  It’s not there anymore alas but the claim to fame is that this was the largest electrical tape drawing ever.

Speaking to Rooms Magazine about the show, Murphy spoke about his hopes for it, “I want people to receive so many different and contradictory thoughts and emotions that they don’t fully understand them until they go away and ruminate on them. I also want the show to have a lasting impact in some way, be it positive or negative. Anything as long as it isn’t ambivalent.”

Gilded Chaos by Benjamin Murphy is showing at the Beers London gallery and  was visited on Thursday 14 January 2016 and runs until 13 February 2016.  All pictures in this post were taken by Daniel Lucas of Dpict Media.  For an interview with Ben about the show, check out this from Rooms Magazine.

Gilded Chaos Gallery

Taped skulls
Skull with what appear to be extracted teeth
Guests at the show
Taped lady
Solitary chess game
Woman in the corridor
Taped woman


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