Marching Out Together Peacock Mural in Leeds

The Peacock is the latest mural from Cbloxx. Painted in Leeds as part of ‘Marching Out Together‘ an inclusive community for LGBTQ+ Leeds United fans. Founded in 2017 the groups wider mission is to remove homophobia from the game. To address toxic masculinity promoted within it and to raise LGBTQ+ acceptance, tolerance and attendance in football.

The Peacock Mural on the side of East Street Arts in Leeds

Peacock Mural

Partnering with East Street Arts and Leeds United, the Peacock mural is the latest street art piece in the city themed around the football club. The artist Cbloxx is also from Yorkshire and identifies as non binary. Often found painting as part of the World renowned Nomad Clan their pieces often celebrate the history and culture of a place.

The mural represents the diversity of the Leeds United supporters

Marching Out Together

Leeds United themselves are often referred to as ‘The Peacocks’ hence the choice of mural. Cbloxx wanted to create an image that would honour the heritage of LUFC. Whilst also celebrating the diversity of the fans and the work of Marching Out Together.

“Visibility is the key to change” says Cbloxx. “Living authentically and owning that reality is such a powerful tool that has the ability to transcend stereotypes and break down barriers. It’s important to recognise the varied audiences that make up team supporters. Every person should have a safe space to attend and take part in sporting events free of fear”.

Peacock Mural with the city of Leeds in the background

The Old Peacock

The history of the Peacock and Leeds United goes back a long way. It takes its name from the Old Peacock Ground which was named after the Old Peacock pub, built in 1842 and owned by Bentley’s Brewery. Leeds City used to play there from 1904 and when they disbanded the new Leeds United started playing their too. Over time the ground was developed and it became known as Elland Road. A pub called the Peacock still sits opposite the ground though it’s not the original.

Cbloxx painting the mural


Speaking about the mural, Cbloxx said “The core thematic of The Peacock really is Pride. What is more sassy and full of pride than a peacock? Its otherworldly flamboyance, confidence and striking visuals made it a focal point no brainer.

Drone footage of the Peacock

“To convey the notion of activism, protest and visibility I borrowed aesthetics from the old coal mining embroidered flags, which echo the typical northern working class heritage that is so often celebrated in my work. It’s hard to not be inspired by your own ancestry! The elegance and creativity executed in the banners really highlight the ornate features of the building, so that it adds to its aesthetic beautifully”.

The Peacock Mural can be found at East Street Arts Studio, St Mary’s Lane, Leeds LS9 7EH. It was painted by Cbloxx aka Jay Gilleard and supported by East Street Arts, Marching Out Together and Leeds United Football Club. For more Leeds United themed murals take a look at our post here. All photos in this post have been provided by Jessica Rogers and East Street Arts.

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