Enter Gallery Pop Up Comes to London

Over the years we’ve interviewed and written about many London Based Artists. The city is one of the most creative in the world and the art here is some of the best around. Through our podcast with Enter Gallery and blog we’ve been able to tell the stories of some of the cities most imaginative creatives.

Now Enter Gallery are themselves making more inroads into the London art scene. Their planned November pop up at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane is another foray for the Brighton based gallery. Running from the 17th to 27th of November it’s a pop up exhibition which promises to showcase some of the best of the galleries as well as London’s artist talent.

Charlotte Rose at her studio in London she will be exhibiting at the Enter Gallery pop up in London
Charlotte Rose will have new work at the Enter Gallery pop up on Brick Lane

To celebrate we thought we’d curate some of the best London based artist interviews that have appeared on our podcast over the years. We’ll also sneak a peek at some of the artists from outside the city who may well be making an impact at the Enter Gallery pop up.

Podcasts with London Based Artists

Charlotte Rose

Fresh on the back of two sell out exhibitions, Charlotte Rose is an exciting new talent who has burst onto the art scene. Her work is a subversion of the advertising and marketing world. Particularly inspired by the messaging of brands from the 60’s she makes us look behind the glitzy advertising. Noting that not all the promises they so willingly give might be entirely true.

Magnus Gjoen

Drawing on mystery and metaphor Magnus Gjoen is known for his thematic work around concepts of fragility, life and death. A former fashion designer he once worked with Vivienne Westwood prior to forging his own artistic career.

Dan Hillier

Inspired by iconography and ancient cultures, Dan Hillier’s artwork looks like it has come from another world. His often monochromatic pieces taking their influence from the etchings of old Victorian books. Hillier’s subsequent collages take the viewer into a hitherto unknown world.

Ben Eine

An absolute legend of the graffiti and street art scene, Ben Eine has become known for his typography and unique fonts. Previously known for tagging on the street he once travelled the world with Banksy and was at the heart of the early development of the urban art movement.

Sara Pope

Started out as a mathematician but now Sara Pope is one of the most sought after artists around. Her luscious vibrant lips have become an instantly recognisable trademark. She talked to the predecessor of our current podcast ‘Art Related Nonsense’ back in 2018 and explained just how her work has developed over the years.

It’s not only London based artists who might make an appearance at the Enter Gallery pop up exhibition. There’s a range of talent on offer. Many with new originals or print releases to look forward to.

Dave White

An artist known for his paintings of the natural world. Dave White uses an approach which is at the same time both figurative and abstract. His work capturing the movement, energy and often the personality from across the animal kingdom.

Elizabeth Waggett

Elizabeth Waggett’s delicate work explores the relationship between value and purpose. Working in monochrome with streaks of gold leaf. Each piece challenges and acts as it’s own commentary though one which evolves according to the viewer.

The Enter Gallery pop up will run from 17-27 November 2022 at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London. Throughout the pop up there will be a range of launches, private views and special events.

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