Tansy Beetle Mural Painted in York by ATM

A mural of a rare Tansy Beetle has been painted in York by street artist ATM. Situated on Queen Street it is close to Micklegate and near to the train station. It’s a painting which captures the beetle’s unique shimmering green hue. An endangered species, the beetle is found only on a 30km stretch of the River Ouse. ATM is an artist well known for his depiction of endangered species.

Named after the Tansy plant, the beetle has declined in number as the plants they rely on have reduced in number. The Tansy Beetle doesn’t fly so it means that they find it difficult to reach each other in order to breed. They are known to be most active between April and May and between August and September.

Tansy Beetle mural on Queen Street in York
The Tansy Beetle, painted by ATM on the side of a house on Queen’s Street in York

Tansy Beetle in York

Known as the Jewel of York, the Tansy Beetle mural was commissioned by environmental charity New Networks for Nature who used crowdfunding in order to fund the work. ATM was an obvious choice of artist. He is one of the best known environmental street artists in the country and has painted throughout the UK. A core aim of his work has always been to raise awareness of local species, particularly those that may be in danger.

Painting of Tansy Beetle in York by artist ATM
Tansy Beetle painting with Queen Street and the city wall in the background

“Beetles are so often overlooked because they are small” ATM told New Networks for Nature. “But they are of vital importance for healthy ecosystems everywhere, and their sudden and serious decline throughout Europe is major cause for concern”. It’s something which local groups are trying to address with the planting of Tansy plants on which the beetle so relies.

The Tansy Beetle mural in York was painted by ATM in 2019. It was visited in January 2022 and was supported by the environmental charity New Networks for Nature. It can be found on Queen Street near to Micklegate in the city

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