Lowestoft Nature Murals Lead to Carlton Marshes

In Lowestoft a trail of nature murals from street artist ATM lead all the way to the Carlton Marshes nature reserve. The street art pieces, dotted around the town, are a reminder of the level of the diversity the nearby marshes have to offer. In total four murals can be found by the artist in Lowestoft itself.

ATM is an artist known for his realistic depictions of the natural world. His Lowestoft murals do just that. Linking in with local communities he describes himself as very much a community artist. His entry into the street art world however has launched his work to a whole new audience. He is now well known in the urban art scene as one of the top painters of the natural world.

The Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly is one of the Lowestoft Murals by street artist ATM

Lowestoft is a town in Suffolk, close to the Broads and surrounded with spectacular sites for nature to thrive. It’s a part of the world which is hugely important to the care and survival of many species. ATM is an artist who has always drawn attention to this. Using his art to acknowledge the birds and animals that might thrive in a particular area.

There are four murals in Lowestoft itself and a further piece inside the old visitor centre at Carlton Marshes. Dotted around the streets you can find a Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly, Marsh Harrier, Kingfisher and Barn Owl. In the new visitors center meanwhile can be seen a large painting of a water vole. All are key to the ecosystem of the area itself. The visitor centre piece sadly isn’t open to the public at the moment.

Lowestoft Nature Murals

The murals are all spaced out across the town. They follow a kind of trail from one side to the other. Eventually leading towards Carlton Marshes. All are quite spaced out so be prepared to walk a fair bit or think about driving.

Barn Owl – Lowestoft Tandoori, 176 High Street

The first of ATM’s Lowestoft murals is a painting of a giant Barn Owl. Gliding along the side of the Lowestoft Tandoori restaurant. The owl guards the entrance to the town. Once a lot more widespread than they are today, the owl has been impacted by the loss of mature trees and agricultural buildings. The Suffolk Wildlife Trust however have established a network of owl boxes. This has seen the numbers increase in the local area. It’s also supported the spread of Barn Owl across other areas of Suffolk.

A Barn Owl painted by ATM on the wall of the Lowestoft Tandoori
Barn Owl mural in Lowestoft
The Barn Owl by ATM in Lowestoft

Kingfisher – Angel Hair, 11 Station Square

The second of the Lowestoft murals is the colourful Kingfisher looks over the town from the side of a building on Station Square. Often found perching on branches overlooking rivers and streams. It can be a case of blink and you’ll miss them. Within the nearby Carlton Marshes there is plenty of habitat conducive to the Kingfisher.

Kingfisher mural in Lowestoft
The Kingfisher sits overlooking Lowestoft from the side of Angel Hair on Station Square
ATM’s Kingfisher in Lowestoft

Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly – 17 Rotterdam Road

A rare dragonfly, the Norfolk Hawker is only found on the broads and other wetlands in Norfolk and Suffolk. Carlton Marshes in particular is an important place in which to see them. They need unspoilt grazing marsh and non-saline water in order to survive. The mural by ATM can be found on the side of a house on Rotterdam Road in Lowestoft.

The rare Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly as seen on the side of a house on Rotterdam Road
Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly mural in Lowestoft by ATM
A Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly by ATM

Marsh Harrier – Smith Bros, 2 Victoria Road

East Anglia has always been an important stronghold for the Marsh Harrier. Nesting in reed beds it feeds on frogs, small mammals and birds. The environment presented to it within the Carlton Marshes is important for this spectacular bird of prey. Across the rest of the country it can be seen only sparingly in places with good coverage of reed beds.

Marsh Harrier mural in Lowestoft by ATM
A Marsh Harrier hovering against the wall of Smith Bros on Victoria Road
Marsh Harrier on the side of Smith Bros

The Lowestoft murals have all been painted by street artist ATM. They have been supported by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the Carlton Marshes.

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