Street Art by Cranio Appears in London

Street art by Brazilian artist Cranio has been appearing in London. The street artist is well known in the city. He’s visited quite a few times now. On each occasion leaving a trail of his artworks for people to find.

Known for his blue characters. He paints indigenous people from the Amazon. Often they will be interacting in some way with the modern world. A kind of juxtaposition between societies. Dressed in not much more than a loin cloth. They find themselves placed into our modern world.

Cranio street art on Brick Lane
One of Cranio’s blue characters hunting on Brick Lane

Cranio Street Art in London

During this trip we found four pieces of street art in the Brick Lane area. Two smaller pieces having been painted in familiar locations toward the top of the lane. They have been joined by a quick throw up in the Seven Stars Yard. Then a much more substantive collaboration with Fanakapan on a wall in Hanbury Street.

The piece with Fanakapan was painted just in time for Valentines Day. Featuring a giant balloon heart at the centre. Cranio’s street art characters stand at either side with bows and arrows. Approaching the balloon as if to hunt it, they appear to be stalking their prey. It’s a bit of an abstract take on the story of cupid.

The latest street art from Brazilian street artist Cranio appeared during February 2020. All photos were taken between the 8th and 16th February 2020.

Cranio Gallery

Hanbury Street

Street art by Fanakapan and Cranio on Hanbury Street
Collaboration between Cranio and Fanakapan on Hanbury Street
Cranio character ready to fire an arrow at a balloon heart on Hanbury Street
Cranio character on Hanbury Street hunting a balloon
One of Cranio's street art characters ready to fire an arrow on Hanbury Street
Cupids Arrow ready to be fired
Balloon heart by Fanakapan on Hanbury Street
Balloon by Fanakapan on Hanbury Street

Allen Gardens

'I want to Buy Tree's street art by Cranio in Allen Gardens
‘I want to buy trees’ Cranio street art under the bridge at Allen Gardens
Cranio character on the right with a piece from Woskerski on the left in Allen Gardens

Brick Lane

Blue man street art by Cranio on Brick Lane
Cranio character hunting on Brick Lane

Seven Stars Yard

Lego head by Cranio in the Seven Stars Yard
A lego inspired face by Cranio in the Seven Stars Yard on Brick Lane

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