Pac Man Street Art by Fanakapan on Brick Lane

A balloon Pac Man attempting to eat a balloon piece of pizza by Fanakapan on Brick Lane. This is the latest piece of street art from the artist who has become known for his balloon inspired murals. Sitting above the Pickywops Pizza Parlour, it replaces an earlier mural of an Astronaut created in February 2018. The area is a familiar stomping ground for him.

Pickywops sits next to the entrance to Star Yard. It’s a place full of paste ups, stickers and street art. In terms of locations it’s pretty much at the heart of the street art scene. No wonder then that they were happy to host this new addition.

Pac Man Pizza mural by Fanakapan on Brick Lane
Pizza eating balloon PAC Man from Fanakapan on Brick Lane
The Pac Man eating Pizza Balloon Mural above Pickywops. By Fanakapan this can be seen on Brick Lane
Close up on the new piece from Fanakapan

Fanakapan Street Art on Brick Lane

The previous mural, an astronaut, had been created a few years before. As befits the ever changing nature of street art in the area around Brick Lane. Perhaps it was good to give it a refresh. Fanakapan experimented with an anamorphic technique to try and create that piece. Stand in the right place on the lane outside and you should see it jumping out at you. The reflection of the astronauts visor contained a reflection of the buildings opposite. It was a nice touch.

Mural of an Astronaut by Fanakapan on Brick Lane
The previous piece on the wall from Fanakapan
Mural of an Astronaut by Fanakapan on Brick Lane above Magna Donuts
The old mural on what was previously Magna Donuts

Collaboration with Cranio

He’s been busy recently. We recently featured another mural by Fanakapan on Hanbury Street. That piece, a collaboration with Brazilian artist Cranio, you can read about here. Created in time for Valentines day. It features a balloon heart shot by arrows from two of Cranio’s blue people.

Mural by Fanakapan and Cranio of a Love Heart on Hanbury Street
Mural on Hanbury Street featuring Fanakapan and Cranio
Balloon love heart by Fanakapan on Hanbury Street
Balloon by Fanakapan on Hanbury Street

Pizza Eating Pac Man

Fanakapan has become known for bringing famous characters into his work. His recent exhibitions in London and Melbourne in particular really started to bring this style to the fore. His latest piece above Pickywops plays on this. Pac Man from the famous computer game in the 80’s suddenly finds himself as a balloon. The problem is, will he ever get to that pesky pizza.

Pac Man about to catch the Pizza at Pickywops on Brick Lane
A throw up ‘Fan’ tag around the corner in the Star Yard

The latest murals by Fanakapan on Brick Lane and Hanbury Street were painted in February 2020. The Astronaut mural was painted in February 2018.