The Street Art of Port Adelaide in South Australia

Port Adelaide is an industrial suburb to the north east of the central business district of the South Australian capital of Adelaide. It’s also packed full of street art.

A former mangrove swamp it was founded in 1837 and soon became key to the development of Adelaide as a city. Now its many murals have become a draw in themselves. This, in no small part due to the efforts of the Wonderwalls street art festivals. These have been taking place in some form since 2015 and have left quite a legacy.

The area itself is relatively small with the highest concentration to be found in the areas around Hart’s Mill, Divett Street and the Warrawee Dock. Just wandering around in between these spots it’s likely that you’ll stumble upon something good. So for this post I thought I’d pick out some of the best murals to see in the Port Adelaide area. If you start from the first and follow them all in order you should be able to see them all in a few hours.

The Best Pieces of Street Art to see in Port Adelaide

1. Guido van Helten (Australia) – Harts Mill (inside), Mundy Street (2015)

This mural from Guido van Helten can be found inside the mill accessed from Mundy Street.

2. Telmo Miel (Netherlands) – Basketball SA, St. Vincent Street (2017)

Mural by Telmo Miel
Detail of Telmo Miel mural featuring cute Koala

3. Peeta (Italy) – 94a St. Vincent Street (2019)

Peeta abstract mural in Port Adelaide
mural by Peeta in Port Adelaide

4. Sat One (Germany) (2019) & Mimi (Australia) (2017) – 15 & 16 Quebec Street

Mural from Sat One in Port Adelaide
One section of a larger wall from MIMI in Port Adelaide

5. SMUG (Australia) – Rear of ‘Red Lime Shack’, Robe Street (2015)

SMUG mural in Port Adelaide
A can of Iced Smug

6. Natalia Rak (Poland) – 8 Karatta Dock Wall (2017)

Polish artist Natalia Rak’s mural in Port Adelaide
Natalia Rak’s mermaid

7. INTI (Chile) – 11 Karatta Dock Wall (2017)

INTI mural in Port Adelaide
Close up of the INTI mural

8. Amanda Lynn (USA) – Timpson Place (2017)

Mural by Amanda Lynn in Port Adelaide
Amanda Lynn mural

9. Jimmy C (Australia) – 9 Jubilee Street (2017)

Mural from Jimmy C in Port Adelaide
Detail of Jimmy C’s piece

10. Etam Cru (Poland) – 293 St. Vincent (2015)

Etam Cru mural on the side of a disused building in Port Adelaide
Etam Cru mural with work happening around

11. Mike Makatron (Australia) – Pirate Life Brewery, Barlow Street (2018)

Mike Makatron peacock on the wall of the Pirate Life Brewery. This piece was a direct commission from the brewery

12. Vans the Omega (Australia) – Valentino’s Pizza, Port Adelaide Railway Station (2015)

Vans the Omega mural in Port Adelaide
The mural from Vans the Omega can be best seen from the Port Adelaide Railway Station

The street art of Port Adelaide was visited on 31 October 2019. A fuller map of all the artworks can be found here. For more posts about Australian street art take a look at these articles on Adelaide and Brisbane.

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