Where to find Street Art Locations in Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland has plenty of street art. Much of what can be seen at the moment is the product of recent festivals. In particular the Brisbane Street Art Festival which has been hosting events from 2016-2019.

It is spread around the city so if you are planning on going street art spotting then be prepared to walk. There’s lots of it though with murals dotted around the suburbs as well as being concentrated around a number of main central districts.

A mural by rone on the side of the Tryp Street Art Hotel in Brisbane
Art by Rone on the outside of the Tryp Street Art Hotel in Brisbane

In particular the city hosts work from some of Australia’s best. The likes of Fintan Magee, Adnate and Rone being artists we’ve been familiar with for a while due to their frequent visits to London. Their works are joined by pieces from artists such as Gus Eagleton, Mik Shida, Beastman and Sofles. All local to the area they are at the top of their game, such a wealth of talent ensures a mix of high quality local art.

Street Art Brisbane Locations

Fortitude Valley

Named after the ship the SS Fortitude which carried Scottish immigrants to the area. The valley still has a frontier feel to it. Though now amongst the colonial style buildings are clubs and theatres. It’s busy nightlife gives it an exciting energy and street art is not out of place here. The work is dotted around the area but easy to stumble upon. It even boasts a street art hotel. Tryp Brisbane as it’s called has been built on the sight of a derelict building which for a while was a hall of fame.

South Bank

Made famous by World Expo 88, this former industrial area saw it’s fortunes transformed due to the event which still has it’s legacy in the area. Now the South Bank is a relaxed place with an inland beach and bars restaurants by the river. Nearby the area around Fish Lane and the pillars which hold the overpass over to the north side boasts some of the best street art in Brisbane.

The Underpass Pillars

First started in 2014, the Pillars Project can be seen best by heading to 74 Montague Road. Featuring some of Brisbane and Australia’s best artists the pillars of an underpass have been decorated with some amazing artwork.

Fish Lane

Plenty to see on Fish Lane which has benefited as a location for the Brisbane street art festival. Street art can be seen along the length of this street on the South Bank.

A mural by Fintan Magee on Fish Lane in Brisbane
‘Head in the Clouds’ from Fintan Magee
Bao Ho

West End

The funky West End is the place where the locals might well look to take you for a coffee. It’s full of nice spots to relax with plenty of restaurants and bars. The area has an eclectic mix formed from waves of immigration over the years. In particular Brisbane’s Greek community has made it’s home here. It’s a place which suits street art and the murals in this area blend amongst the buildings with a number dotted around the nearby streets. The area also held a street art festival in 2017 with some of the larger pieces dating from then.

The street art of Brisbane in Australia was visited on 26 and 27 October 2019 and many thanks to Lisa for showing me round. To read more about the murals of the area check out this blog from Queensland Uncovered. To see more about Australian street art check out these posts on Port Adelaide , Adelaide, Melbourne and the Silo Art Trail.


  1. Wow so much work around those parts! Your camera has done a great job getting those underpass pics looking so good. Always hard to capture with light and dark shadows!

    Enjoy the trip!

    1. I think I needed a bit more time there were definitely ones I missed on the outskirts. Some great work there, lots of quality 😀

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