Strictly Cardboard only as artists put on a show in Soho

The second Soho Takeover from London based artist Artista saw a old office block in the centre of the city transformed into a temporary art space with works made out of cardboard.

The building, only open at certain times as a space for artists to work in lieu of it’s potential re-development, is a bit of a haven for artists who end up breathing life into the place when it might otherwise be empty.

Cardboard mask from Stedhead

And of course where you get artists you’re probably going to get mini pop up shows featuring their work and that’s where Strictly Cardboard comes in, a show featuring work using only that material.

Cardboard is of course cheap and readily available. It’s also fairly pliable and possible to use in all sorts of situations. Speaking to us about the thought process behind the show, Artista said that she had just been looking forward to seeing what the artists would come up with.

Cute work from Swedish artist Q Bless

The result was of course that the great and good of the London scene did their own thing and brought the space to life with their own styles. Artista herself then transformed the four walls to resemble a mini cardboard box complete with markings.

It’s the second time that Artista has opened the space with her last outing featuring a selection of her popular toast characters. Of course we covered that show on Inspiring City and you can see that by clicking here.

But anyway, the real reason for this post is to see the art. So here we have it, the cardboard art of the Soho Strictly Cardboard Takeover.

Strictly Cardboard Gallery

Cardboard mural from Artista
cheeky birds from Swedish artist Q Bless
3D mask from Stedhead
Fighting bunnies from Annatomix
Cheeky characters from Miss Wah
Abstract portraiture from Thunderc*nt
More pieces from Thunderc*nt
Drunken bird from Roo
Wall piece from Roo
Skeleton Cardboard who started his street career painting on nothing but cardboard
Sr. X
Tony Riff
Wall piece from Vova Zomb
The inside of the show made out as a cardboard box

Strictly Cardboard was visited on Sunday 8 October 2017. It ran from 5-8 October in a temporary art space on Poland Street in Soho. To see more work from Artista check our her website here.


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