Environmental artists prepare to draw attention to endangered species by painting railway arches in Tower Hamlets

Environmental artists are preparing to create a series of murals in Tower Hamlets as part of an awareness raising project to highlight the plight of endangered animals around the world.

Organised as a collaboration between popular artist Louis Masai and environmental art collective Human Nature the event will see a series of artists descend upon Tower Hamlets to paint murals in the railway arches of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

Facebook event endangered 13 image

Endangered a project curated by Louis Masai and Human Nature

According to Masai each railway arch will depict a different endangered species with each animal having a story behind it.  ” I often get asked by my followers what can they do to help the animal that I am painting about”.  The opportunity will come afterwards with further information being made available after the event depending on which endangered species the artist choose to depict.

“As an artist that’s focused on environmental issues with my work, I like the idea of collecting like minded artists together to utilise the energy that they already have invested into similar issues but also allow other artists an opportunity to explore the concept for perhaps the first time” says Masai.

Louis Masai, Coral Reef, East London

Louis Masai coral reef mural in Shoreditch

The collaboration with Human Nature is an important one for Masai “their focus on communicating environmental issues through art and interest in what they do is growing every day from artists, organisations and people all over the world”.  This time the key area is highlighting the mass extinction facing many species.

“Each artist has been assigned an endangered species, some are critically endangered and some are vulnerable but decreasing in numbers” he says.  “We want the audience to recognise not that it’s a shame a fluffy or pretty animal is almost gone, but that a treasure of this planet is threatened and with each individual a knock on effect is imminent.”

Charlotte Webster, Founder, Human Nature

Charlotte Webster, founder of Human Nature

One of Masai’s best known projects, that to save the bees, saw a series of murals painted around London and garnered a lot of attention.  “It would be extreme naivety to believe that each species that is wiped from the face of his planet forever won’t have a direct knock on effect for humans” he told us, “the bees especially, highlight this”.

The artists involved in the project are, in the main, people Masai has worked with before and ones he has a respect for.  “I feel that as a group our collective energies will be powerful.”  He may well be right and the arches of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park will be all the better for it.

Endangered will be a live painting event taking place on 10 April 2016 at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.  Open to the public from midday to 7pm the event is free and can be found at Ackroyd Drive, Tower Hamlets, E3 4JY.   All photos in this post are courtesy of Human Nature and Louis Masai.

Endangered artist gallery

Louis Masai Painting

Louis Masai painting his coral mural

Xenz close up

Xenz close up



Von Leadfoot Sign Writing.jpg

Von Leadfoot





Jim vision Mural

Jim Vision

Fiya One

Fiya One




Dr Zadok

Carrie Reichardt - Phoolan-1

Carrie Reichardt

ATM- White Taled Eagle, Stavanger Norway

ATM eagle in Stavanger, Norway

Andy Council

Andy Council from Bristol


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