Kate Knight Fragile Things Features Endangered Species

We’ve all spent a few Sundays tucked up under a duvet watching David Attenborough documentaries. After all he is the nation’s favourite Granddad. However we don’t all channel our fascination with animals into ground breaking exhibitions.

Artist Kate Knight has done exactly that for Fragile Things. Turning her creative talents onto endangered animals for her solo show at the Curious Duke Gallery.

The Silver Langur Monkey by Kate Knight part of her fragile things exhibition
The Silver Langur Monkey in currently endangered

Kate has selected several animals from the Red List of Threatened Species to shine the spotlight on and to maybe give us a kick up the bum to start taking care of our planet. The curious selection of subjects includes Hummingbirds, a baby Silver Langur monkey and a Birdwing Butterfly.

The sensual details of deep reds and gold nod towards fertility and a new life for previously vilified aspects of nature and parts of the natural world that have been swept into the endangered animals list. Knight explains “nature plays a predominant role in this exhibition and I could not turn a blind eye to the climate change we are continuing to experience at such a rapid pace and the consequences.”

The Birdwing Butterfly by Kate Knight part of her Fragile Things exhibition
The birdwing butterfly is currently endangered

The concept of a more powerful force than just us is key to Knight’s work, not as a crossover to religion, but as a rebalancing of the huge power that nature is. Mother nature in her splendid fertility wipes out and rebuilds all at once.

This was a guest post for Inspiring City by Sinead Loftus and is the third post in our ‘ones to watch’ series. You can catch ‘These Fragile Things’ by Kate Knight on show at Curious Duke Gallery which runs until 26 March 2016. You can also follow both Kate and the Curious Duke on social media by clicking the links below:  

Queen Bee by Kate Knight
The queen bee is currently endangered

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