Anima Exhibition at the Saatchi showcases art from Leanna Moran, Lily Mixe and MeiMei

Three worlds, the world of the mind, the world of the ocean and the world of fantasy have all been brought together at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Called ‘Anima‘ it features the work of emerging artists Leanna Moran, Lily Mixe and MeiMei.

At least that’s my interpretation of the show. Leanna Moran’s bright collage works feature scenes within a bedroom. “Within a small room exists a big universe” she says. Full of block blues and yellows, her work is striking and graphic. The scenes depicting one of imagination within that private space. An exploration of the mind and its wandering thoughts.

One of Leanna Moran’s dreamlike bedroom pieces at the Saatchi Gallery

Lily Mixe is a French artist whose work we’ve seen on the streets of London. Now living in Margate, she became known for her intricate oceanic scenes that she would paste up in the East End. Her world, is one of the natural. That’s where her passion seems to lay with a focus on the creatures of the ocean often painted onto found materials.

Bird on an old oil can from Lily Mixe

For MeiMei her art is that of the fantastical. Her sculptures showing creatures with baby faces that are exquisite in their detail. Painstakingly created with every fibre stitched. They appear as if escaped from a parallel world. A place from which they may well be just as curious of us as we are of them.

The talented Marta Corada aka MeiMei next to two of her fantastical sculptures at the Saatchi Gallery

Anima is another exhibition where the Saatchi has combined together a blend of artists whose work intrigues. They’ve become known for their shows in their basement gallery. Exhibitions which, so far, have shown that they are prepared to back exciting local and emerging artists.

Anima’ at the Saatchi Gallery was visited on 22 May 2019. The show features three artists MeiMei, Lily Mixe and Leanna Moran. It runs until 11 June 2019.

Bedroom scenes from Leanna Moran
Intricate ocean art from Lily Mixe
Fine art sculptures from MeiMei

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