Photographs of Brick Lane in the Snow

London has been snow covered over the last couple of days. The so called ‘Beast from the East’, a freezing weather pattern from Siberia has descended upon the city and turned it white.

Of course the city looks very different with a scattering of the white stuff. Not least because the entire city virtually creaks to a standstill. It means the roads are a lot more empty than normal and as a result there are far fewer people about. This combined with the snow can give parts of the city a very different feel.

IMG_20180302_181456 (1)
From Osborne Street looking up towards Brick Lane

Brick Lane is no different. An area we know well, it has a special feel to it at best of times and even more so in the snow. It’s buildings, street art and general bustle provides the backdrop for its latest covering. The streets branching off too look very different as does the whole area around.

So just a quick post this and so we thought we’d have a wander and take some pictures. It wasn’t the warmest of tasks but certainly worth it just to get the chance to explore this part of the city in the snow.

All the photographs in this post were taken over the evenings of 1st and 2nd March 2018. We’ve featured Brick Lane a number of times on the blog. Have a look here to find out where to find street art on Brick Lane. To find out where to find street art in Shoreditch click the link.

Brick Lane in the Snow

IMG_20180302_181922 (1)
The passage next to the old Seven Stars yard on Brick Lane
IMG_20180302_181915 (1)
The seven stars yard in the snow with works from ‘This One’ and Kocatel
IMG_20180302_190936 (1)
By the Truman Brewery looking up towards Shoreditch
IMG_20180302_191217 (1)
Brick Lane near the railway bridge with a piece from Dscreet in the foreground
Looking down towards Pedley Street from Brick Lane
Pedley Street
Looking up Pedley Street towards Brick Lane
IMG_20180302_191306 (1)
The old Shoreditch railway station
IMG_20180302_191413 (1)
The waste ground next to the railway tracks looking towards the city
The path leading towards Whitechapel between the Nomadic Gardens and the railway
IMG_20180302_191420 (1)
Looking under the railway bridge towards the entrance of the Nomadic Gardens
IMG_20180302_191757 (1)
Brick Lane looking down towards Aldgate. A paste up from Hannah Adamaszek in the foreground
IMG_20180302_191847 (1)
Looking down Grimsby Street with it’s wall of paste ups
IMG_20180302_192442 (1)
A work from Sophy Nails on Bethnal Green Road as seen from the top end of Brick Lane
IMG_20180302_195620 (1)
A tribute to Robbo looking down Redchurch Street
Works from HNRX and Thisone on Turville Street
Snow on Whitby Street with pieces from Jimmy C on the left and Jim Vision on the right
IMG_20180302_200049 (1)
Whitby Street with a piece from Jim Vision in the foreground
IMG_20180302_200147 (1)
Chance Street in the snow with works from Reka and MadC


  1. Some really good winter snaps there taken in hash conditions even in a big coat!!!! Did you take your gloves off to get those shots? Battery life drains soooooo quickly in the cold. And then there are the snowflakes smudging on the lens to contend with!!! Not to mention slipping on the ice…. So your photos are a true credit to your endurance Stuart…..

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