The Nomad Clan Paint Huge Mural at Craven Park in Hull

Although the Banksy which appeared in Hull recently has been the one making the headlines. An altogether grander piece of street art from the Nomad Clan has gradually been evolving inside Craven Park in Hull.

The Nomad Clan have a reputation for painting large scale historical homages to the area they are painting in. The mural inside the stadium covers the entire length of the Roger Millward Stand. It pays homage to the fishing heritage of Hull.

A fisherman. Part of the mural in Craven Park, Hull. It was painted by the Nomad Clan
A fisherman looks out onto a crashing sea in a new mural from the Nomad Clan

The Nomad Clan in Hull

We’ve covered the work of the Nomad Clan a number of times here on Inspiring City. They recently painted the largest mural in the UK overlooking Leeds train station. Before that, they created a memorial to the mill workers of the same city. Both large scale and, as with all their murals, really impressive.

According to the Clan’s instagram page; “we attempted to absorb some of Hull’s rich history and heritage. But alas you would need months to take it all on board! This is our dedication to the docks of Hull and of course it’s maritime legacy.”

A giant whale mural in Craven Park, Hull. Painted by the Nomad Clan
A giant whale, a nod to Hull’s whaling past in the Craven Park stadium

Mural at Craven Park

Unveiled on the first day of the new rugby super league season as the Rovers played Wakefield Trinity. We managed to sneak in just beforehand to get some pictures. This was just as soon as it had been completed.

Running from left to right along the bottom of the Roger Millward stand. It first shows a wizened old man looking out to a choppy sea. There a fisherman’s boat is crashing through the waves. On the bow of the trawler sit the three crowns crest of the City of Kingston Upon Hull. They can be seen as the trawler emerges from the crashing sea.

A boat with a scratched homage to dead bod

Fishing Heritage of Hull

Next up a giant whale approaches. A nod to the whaling fleets which would have departed from the Humber. The giant Moby Dick-esque whale is wearing a golden crown. The symbol of the Nomad Clan which can be seen on much of their work. Giant waves crash behind as the whale glides through the sea.

A woman holding some form of fishing net and a young boy come next. They look out onto a calmer sea, perhaps the estuary, to another boat which could be returning home. On the bow of this boat, a scratched upturned bird. A nod to the famous Dead Bod graffiti. Something that many a fisherman would recognise on the shore and which would symbolise home.

The Nomad Clan mural in Craven Park was visited on 1 February 2018. All photographs were taken on the same day. The mural was unveiled as part of the opening season celebrations at Hull Kingston Rovers.

Nomad Clan Gallery

nomad clan
The Roger Millward stand with the new mural from the Nomad Clan
The fisherman and the sea
Mural in Craven Park by the Nomad Clan
A boat and a whale navigating the waters
Whale mural inside Craven Park in Hull by the Nomad Clan
A giant whale with the Nomad Clan crown
A woman and boy look towards a returning trawler
A trawler with plane
Detail of the woman and boy
A boat with a scratched homage to dead bod
A spotter plane comes into land
Detail of the fisherman

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  1. Fantastic work! Looks amazing on match days from the East Stand, you are much more talented than Banksy! Well done to Rovers for commissioning this.

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