Street art comes to Tooting as artists create a gallery near Tooting Broadway market

Tooting Broadway market has found itself at the centre of a mini street art takeover with artists flocking to area in order to decorate the little access road to the side of the main building.

Nestled between Broadway and Tooting market the road only leads to a small car park but it’s well worth popping down to see because the art on display is pretty good with some stand out pieces from Irony in particular who we last covered here on the blog when he and Boe painted a giant chihuahua on Chrisp Street in Poplar.

WP_20160218_15_58_48_Pro (2)

This portrait of a girl with her cat is one of a number of Irony pieces

The first piece you see though when walking from Tooting Broadway station in the direction of the market is another massive piece from Mr. Cenz.  Gazing down on the street his latest creation occupies a position above an Iceland.  It’s another example of the stamp this artist seems to be making on South London following hot on the heels of an equally large mural in Brixton.

Other artists including Louis Masai, Fanakapan , Olivier Robieau, Dan Kitchener and Boe have also added their mark to what is a condensed but very high quality little outdoor gallery.  Until now Tooting hasn’t had much by the way of street art but you never know, perhaps this is just the beginning.

Inspiring City visited Tooting on Thursday 18 February 2016.  The art can be found on the side of Tooting Broadway market next to the Iceland.  Exiting the tube at Tooting Broadway station it is only a couple of minutes walk.

Tooting Street Art Gallery


Mr Cenz going big again this time in Tooting

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Pang is one of the most versatile artists on the scene and here she gels some of her most familiar styles


Lettering from Fanakapan. He is becoming the go to guy when it comes to shimmering 3D imagery

WP_20160218_16_05_13_Pro (2)

Louis Masai drawing attention to the plight of the Worlds coral reefs

WP_20160218_16_05_04_Pro (2)

Olivier Robieu is very active at the moment and has a popular brand of hyper realism such as this portrait of Daniel Craig

WP_20160218_16_04_55_Pro (2)

Boe & Irony drew this weasal / stoat / other type of animal.  The access road leads to the small car park

WP_20160218_16_04_32_Pro (2)

A better shot of the collaboration between Boe & Irony

WP_20160218_16_01_23_Pro (2)

Dan Kitchener’s Geisha

WP_20160218_16_00_24_Pro (2)

Irony pretty much smashing it out of the park with this excellent digger scooping up the cans of his youth

WP_20160218_16_00_43_Pro (2)

The piece with the digger is a big one so difficult to get all in one shot.  I’m not sure who the other artists are in this one

WP_20160218_16_00_10_Pro (2)

The car park wall

WP_20160218_16_06_18_Pro (2)

The girl with the cat from Irony