The Street Art of Clare Street in Bethnal Green

Clare Street in Bethnal Green is a little street easily missed just off the Hackney Road. Over the past year it’s had more than it’s fair share of street art painted on it.

The Street is an access road. Really it just leads to the estates beyond the main Cambridge Heath Road. Lined with mechanics workshops on one side and old bangers on the other.

Much of the art here has been arranged by our friends at the Hidden Streets of London and it’s still got a few good pieces. We covered Clare Street in our free street art tour of Bethnal Green and Hackney Road last year but we kept finding ourselves going back so thought that it probably deserved its own post.

A giant winking cat from Irony on Clare Street in Bethnal Green
Giant cat from Irony

Street Art on Clare Street

The art there is a mixture of pure graff and permissioned murals but it looks like an area which is also in the midst of some pretty major re-development. It’s hard to miss, for example, the high rise building taking shape in the middle of the street.  It’ll soon be ready to offer its own contribution to the gentrification of the area and once it’s up I should imagine much of the art will go.

But until that time it’s worth a wander down if you’re in the area.  We recently featured some of the new murals which have been popping up on Hackney Road and walking along the length of it won’t take that long, maybe around 45 minutes so there will be plenty to see around the area if you wanted to have a wander.

So not much else to say on this post except have a look and enjoy some of the art of Clare Street in Bethnal Green, at least that is until it becomes too gentrified.

Clare Street Gallery 

Art by Himbad on Clare Street in Bethnal Green
Himbad piece looking out through a wall of graff
Street art by Andy Council on Clare Street in Bethnal Green
Andy Council covering various artists
Street art by Alice Pasquini on Clare Street in Bethnal Green
Alice Pasquini
Street art by Fanakapan on Clare Street in Bethnal Green
Fanakapan ‘Seven’ with a paste up from Donk
2rise eoin clare street
2rise and Eoin
mr cenz clare street
Mr Cenz
clare street
Looking down Clare Street from Hackney Road
adnate, amara clare street
Work from Adnate, Amara and Starfighter
amara por dios clare street
Man by work from Amara Por Dios and Adnate
idiom clare street
Tagged work from Idiom
dscreet clare street
Shutter from Dscreet
clare street
Fantastic portrait from Starfighter

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