Louis Masai prepares for a mural tour of the USA to raise awareness of endangered species

Popular London based artist Louis Masai has become well known over the past few years for his campaigning murals raising awareness of the plight of endangered species from around the World.

Now, he’s decided to embark on his biggest project to date, an ambitious tour of the United States painting murals in different cities across the country and to raise money for it he’s set up an exciting Kickstarter campaign.

We’ve covered his work extensively here on Inspiring City, back in 2013 we interviewed him prior to his ‘Last of my Kind‘ exhibition in Bristol.  Prints from that show are included as some of the rewards for the Kickstarter alongside a host of other goodies which are well worth checking out.

louis masai
Save the Bees mural on Whitecross Street in London

The road trip will be called ‘The Art of Beeing’ and was inspired following the success of the ‘Save the Bees’ campaign which saw Masai alongside Jim Vision paint bees murals throughout London’s streets.  That campaign from 2014 can be read about here and led to a huge amount of interest being generated from across the globe.

Now it’s time for Masai to make the most of the contacts he’s built in the states and to capitalise on the interest from his various mural painting activities not only in London but from across the World.  It will last 2 months and will result in over 15 murals of species which are endangered with the intention of raising awareness amongst local people.

Louis Masai Jim Vision Save the Bees
Bee mural on Hackney Road in a collaboration with Jim Vision

All the murals will be documented and a film crew will be making mini-documentaries so people interested in learning more about the species being painted can find out more.  A dedicated micro site has already been set up and you’ll be able the follow the progress here.

So if you want to pledge to not only get some great rewards but also to back this impressive and worthy project head over to the Kickstarter page here.  Needless to say that we’ll be keeping an eager eye on how Masai gets on and following his progress here but before then have a look below at some of Masai’s murals which have been painted a little closer to home.

Louis Masai murals

louis masai st werburgh
Bee mural from St Werburgh’s in Bristol
louis masai fanakapan mos
Crammed giant sea creatures in a fish tank on Pedley Street, a collaboration with Fanakapan
louis masai charlotte webster
Masai talking to Human Nature founder Charlotte Webster at Tower Hamlets cemetery park
louis masai walthamstow
Foxes, Badgers and Bees in Walthamstow
Louis Masai, Coral Reef, East London
Louis Masai coral reef mural in Shoreditch
louis masai hackney wick
Parrot in Hackney Wick in a collaboration with Mateus Bailon
louis masai tooting
Louis Masai drawing attention to the plight of the Worlds coral reefs
Save the Bees
Giant bee mural on Braithwaite Street
Save the Bees Braithwaite Street
When we go we’re taking you all with us


  1. One of the highlights of this year in the street art world was the Endangered13 at Mile End.


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