Cute cats take over the adverts in Clapham Common tube station

Pictures of cute cats have replaced the adverts in a fluffy take over of Clapham Common tube station.

The result of a Kickstarter campaign, Cats not Ads have certainly made their mark and plenty of publicity for their citizens takeover covering the entrance, escalators and corridors of the South London station.

Sadly the cat portraits didn’t reach as far as the actual platform, I suspect the giant advertisement hoardings overlooking the railway lines themselves were beyond the reach, cost wide, of the crowd funding campaign.


The campaign raised over £23,131 scraping over the ambitious £23k target and according to the Kickstarter page “wouldn’t it be great not to worry about the holiday we can’t afford, the car we don’t need, or the body we don’t have? Imagine a world where public spaces made you feel pawsitive.”

Indeed, and a partnership with Battersea Dogs & Cats home also means that the pictures of cats in the posters are actually strays who themselves need homes and who are being looked after by the charity.

So enough catting around let’s take a look at some cats on the tube.

Pictures of Cats in the Tube

Cats from the cats home
Cats in the corridor
The escalators lined with cats
Passing cats
Cat tastic
Cool cat
Cats not Ads

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