ALO Exhibition ‘Babel’ comes to Jealous Gallery

Babel the latest exhibition from ALO will be coming to London’s Jealous Gallery. Revealing a collection of 35 original artworks. It will be the first time he has shown in the gallery at the heart of Shoreditch.

It’s a body of work inspired in part from a recent visit to Mexico. Experiencing the colours and textures of that country to inform his paintings, which often centre around people. ALO’s work is influenced by people that he sees and interacts with.

A portrait of ALO sitting down with paintings behind him
ALO is an Italian painter known for his abstract portraits. His exhibition Babel is at the Jealous Gallery. Photo courtesy of ALO

“They proposed this exhibition early this year, and I’ve found this challenge intriguing” said ALO. “I’ve admired and respected the Jealous gallery since my early years in London. It’s an art gallery focused on many approaches, mostly on screen prints. So I’m proud to have a chance to have an exhibition based on original paintings there”.

A colourful painting of a Mexican skull from ALO
Mexican Skull by ALO

In a little known fact, one of ALO’s first major street art works when moving to the city from Italy 10 years ago, was painted just around the corner on Great Eastern Street. His street art paintings having popped up a lot in those days. They still do now. Spend a day walking around the area and somewhere there will be an ALO portrait painted onto a wall.

The title of the show “Babel” is not strictly linked to the paintings themselves. “I usually build up an exhibition as it was a kind of box” says ALO. Inside he imagines placing different aspects of the world in which we live. Then adding his own perception on top of that. “So eventually it’s a general imagery made of artworks and concepts that makes sense. But it’s hard to tell why in a rational way”.

‘Babel’ is an exhibition from ALO. It opens at the Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch. It will run from 30 November 2023 to 23 December 2023. The exhibition listing can be found here.

ALO at work on his latest collection

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