Street Art Murals for Southend City Jam 2022

The first ever Southend City Jam took place during September 2022 bringing a host of street art to Southend. A mix of local, national and international artists took part with artwork added across the city centre.

Murals were added to a variety of locations. Some permanent and some transitory. Spaces ranged from the sides of buildings and hoardings to a pop up street art park in the middle of the High Street. According to the organisers “our vision for Southend City is to showcase the best that the urban art movement has to offer”.

Work from Ster overlooking the Alexandra Street car park. The artist was also one of the organisers of the Southend City Jam
Woskerski painting on the High Street

Southend City Jam Street Art

Over 60 walls were transformed across Southend over the weekend. Several of these were permanent. Spaces near the Clarence Road and Alexandra Street car parks having a particularly good selection of new murals. The busiest location though was probably the High Street. There over 20 artists painted in amidst the shoppers. Those murals were created only for the weekend.

Yeko painting his mural on Elmer Approach

Southend Street Art Locations

Main Walls

Alexandra Street Car Park

The Alexandra Street car park was one of the main locations of the Southend City Jam. Big walls from Ster, Curtis Hylton, Gent, Amed and Dan Leo overlook the space. A number of other smaller pieces can also be seen on the surrounding walls from Kone, Vents, Inkfun, Amuk and Jimmy Jasik.

Murals from Gent and Curtis Hylton
Birmingham based artist Gent painting in the Alexandra Street car park
Curtis Hylton is known for his birds and animals made out of different elements of the natural world
Amed is an artist from Naples, Italy
Mural from Ster overlooking the car park
Kone and Vents
Work in progress from Inkfun
Jimmy Jasik graffiti in the Alexandra Street car park
Amuk graffiti in the Alexandra Street car park
Crab by Irish artist Dan Leo on the Alexandra Street car park

Clarence Road Car Park

Another main spot in the Southend City Jam was the Clarence Road car park. The area already boasting four previous murals all from 2021. Large pieces from Dan Kitchener, Scott Irving of Brave Arts, Karl Sims aka Ster and Nicola Cry were created as part of the 2021 Southend Arts Festival. For the Southend City Jam the area saw added big works from Aches, Asur and Brave. Additional pieces from Void One, Raid and Casem have been painted around the car park walls.

Dublin based artist Aches work overlooks the Clarence Road car park
Scotty Brave of Brave Arts adding his second piece to the car park
Portuguese artist Asur created this work overlooking the car park
Mural by Dan Kitchener overlooking the Clarence Road car park. It was painted as part of the 2021 Southend Arts Festival
Mural by Karl Sims aka Ster on his first photo realistic mural in the Clarence Street car park. Painted in 2021 for the Southend Arts Festival he was supported by local artist Ekto who painted the flowers.
Portrait of David Attenborough by Scott Irving of Brave Arts as part of the 2021 Southend Arts Festival
Work from Nicola Cry painted as part of the 2021 Southend Arts Festival
Observing the ‘Spraying Mantice’ from Void One on the car park wall
Casem piece in the Clarence Road car park. His work was a collaboration with Raid
Work from RAID in the Clarence Road car park. Part of his collaboration with Casem
Jay Sota piece in the Clarence Road car park

College Way

A little towards the northern end of the town, Voyder was painting on College Way. The artist has his roots in graffiti but has been evolving his style on the street in recent years taking inspiration from oil painting. His work as a result takes a lot from both blends the two mediums together. Voyder’s model for the piece shows fellow artist and one of the Southend City Jam organisers Ster.

Voyder on College Way in Southend. His work has influences in both graffiti and oil painitng. The work shows fellow artist Ster.
Portrait of local artist Ster

Elmer Approach

Works from several artists on Elmer Approach just off the High Street and close to the painting pop up walls. From Valencia in Spain, Yeko’s wall is the main piece on the approach. His classical image shows a woman holding a braying horse covering a boarded up shop unit.

Yeko wall on Elmer Approach
Reves One on Elmer Approach

High Street

The High Street was a popular location during the Southend City Jam. Underneath the railway bridge saw murals painted from Spray Saint, Abraham and Woskerski. Overlooking them all meanwhile was a mural from Fat Cap Sprays on the top of a nearby building. Further up the street the pop up park was taking place where multiple artists were painting on temporary boards.

Portrait of Joey from Spray Saint on the High Street
Portrait of a woman from Abraham on High Street
Woskerski painting his emus under the bridge

Queens Road

Down a little side street just off Queens Road is a large piece from Aroe. Called ‘Been There Done That’ the piece combines text based work with inspirations from his canvas work and his love of graffiti characters.

‘Been There Done That’ from Aroe off Queens Road

Southend Pier

Towards the pier and three murals can be found. The first a bluetit eating an ice-cream is from Aspire. His work often features glitches as if someday the glitches will get too much and the life he depicts in his artwork will disappear. Nearby is a wall from Jim Vision. He describes himself as a post modern vandal and painter of large scale murals and graffiti. His work in Southend showing a bucking unicorn with kids playing on its back. Finally Spray Saint has painted on the side of the Twenty One cafe it shows a striking image of a woman alongside a leopard.

Aspire artwork on the Southend Pier
Jim Vision unfinished mural on Southend Pier
Work from Spray Saint on the side of the Twenty One cafe in Southend

Station Approach

Just out from Southend Central train station and three artists have painted some of the old alcoves. Work from Dniper, Gnasher and Tom Blackford can be seen.

Dniper (pigeon), Gnasher (Shark) and Tom Blackford (Samurai on a pig) on Station Approach

High Street Pop-Up

Centrepiece of the Southend City Jam was the High Street pop up. A series of three separate banks of boards where artists could paint in amongst the bustle of Southend’s busiest shopping street. Originally due to stay up for the weekend before being taken down, they ended up staying for the week afterwards as well.

Adam Milles
Curiouser and Curiouser
Sharon Stone
Full wall featuring Lours, Core246 and Elno
Saida Bee
Dave Plants
Mister Tris
Cortisol Kid
Paul Monsters
Sky High and Roo
Natasha Kirby
Andy Downes


Royal Square

A square of temporary hoardings on the Royal Square gave the opportunity for some large scale pieces that regular hoardings might not be able to accommodate. Painting here on a site which overlooks the pier were Poser, Ziner, Niser and Nicola Cry. These pieces have now been removed.

Nicola Cry adding the final touches to her work

Western Esplanade

Boards running along the length of Adventure Island near the seafront can be found on the Western Esplanade. Graffiti writers took over the 400ft space and created a whole series of works spanning the length. The walls were only meant to be temporary for the duration of the festival and have now been removed. Artists where known have been mentioned.

Aches piece is the first section of the Western Esplanade wall

Warrior Square

Surrounding the Warrior Square a number of locations were chosen for graffiti artists. The square is also where you can find the skatepark in Southend. All painting places were on boards surrounding the square. Artists where known have been noted.

Res Ticid

The Southend City Jam took place between 2-4 September 2022. It was visited on Sunday 4 September 2022 and all photos unless noted were taken then.

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