Outsight Mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Laon

Outsight is a mural from Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Laon, France. It was created as part of the ‘Festival Arts Urbain‘ and can be found on the side of an apartment block in the champagne quarter of the town.

Gerada mural in Laon, France. Photo courtesy of Street Art Cities

Pressing Play

Measuring 10m x 14m it fills the side of the building. The mural portrays a child who is looking at the world through the symbol of a ‘play’ button. The tones that run across the face encompass many skin tones which depict the universal effect of social media, its algorithms and viral video.

Gerada at work on his mural. Photo courtesy of Planet Air

The World Through a Screen

Very much the message of the mural is to talk about how children are seeing the world through a mobile phone from a young age. More and more it becomes evident that parents are using the screen as a pacifier. All this without really considering the effects on what is a young developing mind. It’s a work which invites us to reflect on what impact on society such a dynamic could have.

‘Outsight’ the mural by Gerada in Laon taken from above. Photo courtesy of Planet Air

Festival Arts Urbain

Painting as part of Festival Arts Urbain, the artist C215 and the City of Laon invited 16 international street artists to the town. In total 17 monumental murals were created including ‘Outsight’ by Gerada. A list of all participating artists can be found here and all the locations here.

Outsight is the latest mural by Barcelona based artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. It was painted in Laon as part of the Festival Arts Urbains during June 2022.

Outsight was created as part of Festival Arts Urbain in Laon, France. Photo courtesy of Planet Air
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