Graffiti Artists Support Ukraine with Blue Yellow Paint Jam

Graffiti writers have been showing their solidarity with the people of Ukraine with a paint jam in Shoreditch. Featuring the colours blue and yellow these are of course symbolic of the Ukrainian flag. The location was in the Allen Gardens, a popular spot for graffiti and street art alike.

Organised by local artist ‘This One‘ the idea was one repeated by graffiti communities across the world. Paint jams in places from Switzerland, Lithuania and Holland have also taken place. Writers from across the World finding common cause in their disdain for the aggression of Russia and in support for Ukraine.

Artist ‘This One’ pianting at the Blue Yellow Graffiti jam in London’s Allen Gardens

Taking place on a crisp but bright Sunday writers from across London turned out with many representing a variety of nationalities. Many had friends from Ukraine and knew people who were still over there. The graffiti community is a close one. Speaking about the jam on his instagram, This One said that it was important to do what they could to “show our support to our Ukrainian family”.

Allen Gardens Hall of Fame

The main wall in the Allen Gardens is the section running from the tunnel towards the urban farm at the end of park. It runs along the length of the railway line and overlooks the gardens. Where known the names have been included. Where not known I’ve left the artists blank but will update once discovered.

2Rise (top) painting with Wisky ABC
Loki and Minto
This One
Will. Lee
Olly and Will.Lee
Completed wall with pieces from Travis and Will Lee in the foreground

Old Shoreditch Station

Several other pieces away from the main graffiti jam wall could be found on the yard of the old Shoreditch Station nearer to the Pedley Street / Brick Lane end of Allen Gardens.


Tunnel Leading to Pedley Street

Artists painted spaces in the tunnel underneath the railway line. Beyond the tunnel the walls of the line form a free space for graffiti. Now paved it leads towards the continuation of Pedley Street where the path meets the road a bit further along.


The Blue Yellow Paint Jam was held in the area around the Allen Gardens near to Brick Lane in Shoreditch. It took place on Sunday 6 March 2022.

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