Shake It Paint Jam with the Art House Project

A paint jam took place over the weekend to mark the end of the Art House Projects ‘Shake It‘ exhibition. Taking place on a sunny day in the first weekend of April, 18 artists came together to paint at Allen Gardens. The exhibition featured works created on old spray cans and was hosted online.

The event also served a separate purpose. That of celebrating the Art House Projects’s very own founder, Apparan’s birthday. Thinking of what might constitute a good way to celebrate the exhibitions closure, why not combine the two. Allen Gardens is a popular spot and great for seeing graffiti and street art. Artists can paint here freely and the walls cover the length of the railway line.

Artworks from Owe1 and Knapple at the Shake It Paint Jam

Not much else to write about in this post other than to pay attention to some of the great street art created. Paint Jam’s are ephemeral in nature but they are an integral part of any vibrant urban art scene. The walls which line the railway inside the Allen Gardens reveal artwork which is constantly changing. Generally more graffiti based it does, nevertheless, create a space for artists from many different genres to experiment. That’s certainly what we’ve seen in the Shake It Paint Jam. Artists from many disciplines, coming together to put their work out on the street and for the public to enjoy.

This gallery contains images of all the work created as part of the paint jam. Artist instagram handles are included should you want to find out more about the work of those taking part.

Apparan – instagram

Heart in her hands from Apparan at the Shake It Paint Jam

Clit Kat – instagram

Clitkat mural in Allen Gardens

Curiouser & Curiouser – instagram

Portrait by Curiouser & Curiouser

Curtis Creations – instagram

Curtis Creationz Doodle on the Allen Gardens wall

Diazsterously – Instagram

Divide & Covid from Diazsterously

Grown One – Instagram

Grown One throw up

Immas – Instagram

Relationship by Immas

Inca Kid – Instagram

Inca Kid

Knapple – Instagram

Pineapples on a sprayed spray can from Knapple

Lorenza – instagram

Lorenza in action painting her piece on Allen Gardens

LeSpleen – Instagram

LeSpleen’s neon octopus

Mar – Instagram

A flowing woman painted by Mar

Owe 1 – Instagram

“Me and my girlfriend as a spirally thing with some bees” – Owe1

7th Pencil – Instagram

7th Pencil’s flying spraycan

Soul D – Instagram

Soul D

She She Gabor – Instagram

Piece from ‘Girls on Top’ crews ‘She She Gabor’

Subdude – Instagram

Subdude’s character gagged. The piece is a protest against the upcoming UK Crime Bill
Names of the artists taking part

The Shake It Paint Jam took place on 4 April 2021 and was a celebration to mark the end of the ‘Shake It’ online exhibition. It was also local artist Apparan’s birthday and a chance to celebrate that. It took place at Allen Gardens, a legal painting spot close to Brick Lane.


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