London Street Artists Paint Murals for Colombia

Street artists in London have been creating murals showing support for protestors in the country of Colombia. Taking place in the form of a paint jam in Shoreditch’s Allen Gardens it was organised by London based Colombian artist Vanessa Moncayo aka VaneMG and the Art House Project.

Demonstrations have hit the country from the end of April 2021. Initially prompted by proposed tax reforms, the situation escalated dramatically. Marches against the proposal had been banned by court order due the Covid-19 situation. Defying this, it prompted a large and often heavy handed police presence at demonstrations which ultimately would lead to conflicts. It’s a situation which has led to the deaths of civilians and violence has been breaking out as a result across the country.

Street art in solidarity with Colombia at the Allen Gardens in Shoreditch
Street art from Diocles, Apparan, Atila, VaneMG and others in Allen Gardens

SOS Colombia Paint Jam

Since the demonstrations began the tax reforms, which would have lowered the basic rate at which tax is paid, have been withdrawn. However, the anger which demonstrators felt about government overreach, general inequality in the country and the heavy handed approach of the authorities has lingered. It’s resulted in weeks of unrest across Colombia.

Wall showing murals in solidarity with Colombia in Shoreditch
SOS Colombia paint jam wall

Over in London, VaneMG said that she wanted “to bring colours and beautiful art to support the people being hurt and even killed by the police and the government”. A number of people most affected she said were students, indigenous people and people from afro-Colombian communities. “The idea is to show our support to all these people with our art and the show from here that we want peace”.

The SOSColombia paint jam took place on 23 May 2021 at the Allen Gardens in Shoreditch. It was organised by VaneMG and supported by the Art House Project

Colombia Murals in London

Vanessa Moncaya (VaneMG – instagram) & Atila – instagram

Mural by Atila and VaneMG promoting solidarity with Colombia
Collaboration between Atila and VaneMG in Shoreditch

7th Pencil – instagram

Solemn in solidarity by 7th Pencil. The eyes are speaking about the Colombian culture urging change to the political regime.

Apparan – instagram

Apparan mural as part of SOSColombia Paint Jam

Diocles – instagram

Work from Diocles at the SOS Colombia paint jam

Food of War – instagram

Inca Kid – instagram

Jaime Carlosama – instagram

Liliana A. Romero – instagram

Owe 1 (instagram) & Kapo 746 (instagram)

Pilly – instagram

Subdude – instagram

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