Grenfell Tower Graffiti Jam at the Trellick Tower

A graffiti jam at the Trellick Tower in West London has commemorated the tragic burning of the nearby Grenfell Tower. One year on.

Now under extensive refurbishment. The base of the Trellick Tower is the location of one of London’s legal ‘halls of fame’. This is an area where graffiti writers are able to come and paint without the risk of arrest.

Given its location, so near to Grenfell itself, it was the obvious location. An opportunity for writers who wanted to remember the 72 people who lost their lives in the Grenfell fire disaster. It’s a tragedy which has caused so much anger in this part of West London.

The names of all who died in the Grenfell Fire commemorated in graffti
The names of all who died in the Grenfell Tower disaster in graffiti

Grenfell Graffiti Jam

Last year, some of the first graffiti tributes to the tragedy appeared in the area. The hall of fame at the Trellick Tower is often a place to find Grenfell related graffiti. The graffiti community has rallied around. Many of the writers feel a deep affection for what happened at the tower. The people of Grenfell represented so many of their own communities.

Paint Jams or Graffiti Jams are one of the ways in which urban artists can get together in order to paint. They hang out and give their message to the outside world. This message was about justice. As the enquiry into what happened gets underway. The call is for justice and to really get to the bottom of what went on.

The Grenfell Tower graffiti jam at the Trellick Tower happened on 16 June 2018. We visited the day after on 17 June 2018. You can see more graffiti tributes in this post from last year at the Trellick Tower. You can also see these tributes from underneath the westway in this post from just after the tragedy.

trellick tower
The Trellick Tower legal graffiti spot was the location of the Grenfell Paint Jam
The Trellick Tower, one of London’s legal halls of fame and now undergoing refurbishment
‘Justice for Grenfell’ placard at the jam
A green heart for grenfell painted at the graffiti jam
A green heart for Grenfell
Red Watch Graffiti from North Kensington
A message to the Ombudsman
A deflated balloon left over from the day before
Grenfell tag at the graffiti jam
Grenfell Graffiti
Graffiti at the Grenfell paint jam
Harrow Club Graffiti with the Trellick Tower looming above
Graffiti at the Grenfell paint jam
‘Love, Peace, Unity and Having Fun’
Grenfell Legend
Grenfell Graff Jam
Lady Justice – My Scales R Bruk


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