The Graffiti of the Trellick Tower in West London

It’s been a while since we popped over to the legal graffiti spot of the Trellick Tower near Westbourne Park. It’s a popular area where the graffiti changes frequently and which provides a safe space for writers to hone their skills.

Now there looks to be some building work going on. The basketball court which the tower looks down upon is now full of blue construction offices and a number of the walkways leading into the courtyard have been shut to the public.

Trellick Tower
The Trellick Tower as seen from the graffiti area

Graffiti at the Trellick Tower

The graffiti spot is within this area although you can still get into sections of it. To be honest it’s not had much care and attention over the years. The walls are damaged, the basketball court is dated and the rest of the space has just been left to grow over. No wonder graffiti writers have claimed this area as their own.

Of the artists on display I recognise none. The truth is that this isn’t really a graffiti blog so we don’t generally follow the artists on display but their skills are undeniable. Besides, the very focus of the graffiti writer is to appeal to a very particular audience. Generally this is one of peers in order to showcase their skills in lettering and the creation of ever more intricate designs so that the letters themselves become unrecognisable to only those in the know.

Trellick Tower
The giant tribute to the Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower Tribute

One of the main pieces on display this time was a giant tribute to the survivors and victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Covering the entire side of one wall, the words Grenfell are written high in white with a green outline. In the centre is the word ‘justice’ written in crazy style lettering nestled above an image of the tower. To the left a reference to the nearest tube station at Latimer Road which sits in the shadow of the tower and to the right a scroll paying tribute to the dead.

That disaster has of course been inspiring writers and street artists from all over London.  Under the Westway close to the tower artists have been painting and recently in Shoreditch the giant wall at the Village Underground was painted by Ben Eine. Finding tribute graffiti at the Trellick Tower was expected given its own proximity to the disaster and the kinship that the people of the area no doubt feel for the victims of Grenfell.

So not much more to say other than to invite you to take a look at the gallery below to see a moment in time of the Trellick. Who knows what the building work will lead to, it’s certainly busy down there. Will the graffiti area still be going this time next year? At the moment even that is anyone’s guess.

The graffiti of the Trellick Tower in West London was visited on 27 July 2017. The tower is best accessed from the Westbourne Park tube station. For a post featuring the graffiti jam in aid of Grenfell at the Trellick Tower click here.

trellick tower
trellick tower
trellick tower
trellick tower
trellick tower
trellick tower


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