My Dog Sighs Launches #Notagallery Series at SamsungKX in London

“At heart I’m a street artist” says My Dog Sighs. It’s no suprise really. The artist has been creating art on the streets for years. He is inspired by them. Not only that he’s pioneered the free art friday movement which involves leaving art in the street for people to find.

His work now is a mixture. He does the big set piece murals and the gallery shows featuring his delicate eyes and faces. For fun though he still goes back to the streets. Those hidden places, down the alley’s where he can leave a secret piece, unassuming and blending in against the fabric of the streets.

My Dog Sighs on the big screen at SamsungKX in London

We’ve come to see him at the launch of Samsung’s #notagallery initiative at the new SamsungKX building in Kings Cross. In conversation with notbanksyforum he’s been telling us about his passions and what makes him tick. Around us are canvasses created for the event. He seems delighted that even the lighting has been specially arranged to bring out the eyes in his work.

Behind him a large cinema screen has just finished projecting a film about the artist. Soon the assembled audience, a mixture of tech fans and street art hunters, will get the chance to tag it. Samsung having created a digital spraycan which is a big reveal. Change the cap size and the colour and it’s the can that never runs out. It seemed appropriate to tie in #notagallery which a digital spraying session given My Dog Sighs background.

Spraying virtual spray paint onto the big screen at SamsungKX

The space at SamsungKX is being used as part of the #notagallery initiative to showcase the work of artists whilst at the same time showcasing its technology. The digital graff is just one of the ideas on show. Certainly some visitors were soon getting a grip on how to use it. Not quite the same feeling as being out on the street perhaps but fun nonetheless. For those wanting to give it a go it’s free as is the rest of the tech and art on display at the SamsungKX. Well worth taking a look.

SamsungKX was visited on 23 November 2019 and was part of a press briefing for the launch of their #notagallery initiative. Photographs supplied are courtesy of the event.

Children enjoying the spray exoerience
Graffiti on a cinema screen inside the SamsungKX event space
Some of My Dog Sighs work can be seen at the space
My Dog Sighs interviewed by #notbanksyforum
My Dog Sighs in a film shown before the launch

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