Inside Exhibition by My Dog Sighs in Portsmouth

Inside ‘We Shelter Here Sometimes’ is an immersive exhibition and installation by My Dog Sighs taking place at the old Grosvenor Casino in Portsmouth. The venue had been a closely guarded secret until the opening. Something that only served to increase the anticipation for what is certainly one of the most spectacular street art events of the year. In terms of scale this is by some way My Dog Sighs most ambitious project to date.

The installation has been something that the artist has been planning for some time. Transforming what was a derelict building into an immersive art space. He has inhabited it with his own creations which he calls his ‘Quiet Little Voices’. Each have personalities of their own. They struggle, make mistakes and fail. But like us, they don’t give up. A key aspect of the show is that even amongst the decay they can use their creativity to find hope. It’s a message that My Dog Sighs wanted to make in such turbulent times.

My Dog Sighs by a light installation at Inside his exhibition in Portsmouth
My Dog Sighs at his exhibition in Portsmouth

Book for My Dog Sighs ‘Inside’ Exhibition

Quiet Little Voices

Many of the creatures which find themselves in the exhibition started out on the margins of My Dog Sighs sketchbooks. Using them to represent different facets fo his life. He replaces himself with these characters as a representation of his own inner ‘Quiet Little Voices’. As a result they embody a range of emotions from playful to melancholic.

Quiet Little Voices by My Dog Sighs at Inside his exhibition in Portsmouth
Some of My Dog Sighs Quiet Little Voices

Sculpture and Installation

Inside from My Dog Sighs also further showcases his move into sculpture and installation. The exhibition uses his well known imagery and fuses it with light and sound. It is as if the creatures that he has created have now taken over the space. No longer is the artist the creator but they themselves become ‘My Dog Sighs’. The artist has spoken before about the concept of street artists as ghosts. Meaning that the public will often only act with the final product and the artist could well be totally unknown to them.The ghosts that are then left on the wall will go on to then have their own existence independent of the initial artist. Here those ghosts are coming back and taking over.

My Dog Sighs creating work as part of his Inside Installation

Forgotten Spaces

Responding to the building itself, Inside is very much an exhibition which is an extension of My Dog Sighs street art practice. Often the artist will visit forgotten spaces and will use his art to help uncover the beauty that remains within them. Crumbling walls and ceilings therefore is the ideal space to really showcase his work. White walls and perfect interiors somehow don’t really represent his unique style. Often his street art can be found in abandoned corners and forgotten spaces. Stumbling upon it can be a joy in itself. Often totally unexpected he revels in bringing some life back into these often forgotten corners.

Inside ‘We Shelter Here Sometimes’ runs from Friday 16 July 2021 to Sunday 1 August 2021. It takes place in the old Grosvenor Casino, 18 Osborne Road, Portsmouth. You can find out more about My Dog Sighs via his website, instagram and facebook sites.

My Dog Sighs talks to Blocal Blog about ‘Inside’

Giulia from Blocal Blog talks to My Dog Sighs about his immersive installation, Inside in Portsmouth

My Dog Sighs in his studio preparing for inside his exhibition in portsmouth
My Dog Sighs in his studio. He has been working on Inside for a number of years now
My Dog Sighs at the venue
Using the flaking walls and backgrounds as a canvas on which to create his art
One of My Dog Sighs creatures in the show
A Quiet Little Voice peers out

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