My Dog Sighs Interactive Art at the Roy’s Peoples Art Fair

My Dog Sighs, the popular street artist from Southsea has a new installation at the Roy’s Peoples Art Fair in the Oxo Tower Bargehouse Gallery.

Featuring one of his trademark giant eyes. The artist is well known for trying to put the public at the heart of his art. His Free Art Friday’s for example caught the imagination by placing art in communities for people to find and enjoy. It’s an idea that’s been replicated a number of times. Dependent on where you look it’s an idea that’s still going strong.

my dog sighs inspiring city sam peacock
Inspiring City and Roy’s Peoples Art Fair co-founder Sam Peacock becoming part of the installation from My Dog Sighs

Giant Eye in the Bargehouse

This though is a bit different. At the entrance to the Bargehouse the installation features a number of different layers. When looked at straight on the work appears as if just another mural. Look from the side though and you’d wonder where the art is. Perhaps you might even mistake the piece for a working scaffold.

Speaking about the piece on his Instagram. My Dog said, “As a painter fascinated by eyes I’ve spent many hours of my painting breaking down and refining it. In a moment of clarity (or madness) I came up with the idea of anamorphically separating each element. Then creating an interactive space that uses perspective to join the parts.”

My Dog Sighs
The final anamorphic image with all the pieces aligned

Eye Sculpture from My Dog Sighs

The interactive element is more than just the fact that you can walk around. Seeing it separate and then come together as a complete image is cool. But the real fun bit is in becoming an actual part of the piece. Step in between the layers and you can find yourself quite literally a glint in the eye of one of My Dogs Sighs famous pieces.

Roy’s Peoples Art Fair runs from 1-4 November 2018. Featuring over 80 artists across 3 floors it’s free and can be found at the Oxo Tower Bargehouse Gallery. For more Inspiring City articles featuring the work of My Dog Sighs have a look at work from his latest trip to Cheltenham here. Also have a look at some older pieces from Brick Lane here.

My Dog Sighs Installation at Roy’s People Art Fair

Look at bit closer through the piece and it starts to break away
My Dog Sighs is well known for his eyes
Stand behind and for this piece you can become a part of the art
inspiring City and Sam Peacock
Inspiring City with Sam Peacock

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