Birthday Graffiti Jam at Mile End Skate Park

Mile End skate park isn’t a place we get to very often.  There’s a leisure centre, a running track a leisure centre and a whole bunch of five a side courts. This all alongside the park which is rammed full of graffiti.

An event last weekend saw an impromptu gathering to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of two of our favourite muralists. Artista from London and Annatomix, down for the day from Birmingham. Painting alongside them New Art Rioter, Skeleton Cardboard and Lenny Massive. All adding to the days session and giving me an excuse to get down to Mile End.

Annatomix and Artista often paint together and have been fairly active over the year so far. In fact Artista has painted over twenty murals alone during January and February. It’s an impressive number and means that the streets of London have been receiving a regular dowsing of colour.  Annatomix meanwhile hit the headlines earlier in the year. That was when her tribute to David Bowie painted in Birmingham caught the imagination.  There have been a lot of tributes but hers was a stand out.

So just a small post this. If you like graffiti the then mile end skate park is a good place to go to have a look at what’s on offer.  It’s kind of out of the way in terms of the more regular street art scene. Though you do get artists turning up from time to time to add to the work on the arches so you never know who you might bump into.

The paint jam at Mile End took place on Saturday 20 February 2016 and featured work from Artista, Annatomix, New Art Rioter, Lenny Massive and Skeleton Cardboard.

Mile End Birthday paint jam gallery

mile end artista annatomix
The completed wall from Artista, Annatomix and New Art Rioter in the tunnel next to the skate park
Birthday cake from Artista
WP_20160220_15_34_36_Pro (1)
A chilling out fox from Annatomix
annatomix mile end
Annatomix adding her tag to the work
mile end artista annatomix elno skeleton cardboard
Our friends at London Calling blog trying to get a good snap
mile end graffiti
The mile end skate park graffiti
mile end graffiti
Artists working in the tunnel next to the skate park
The skate park in the rain
new art rioter mile end
New Art Rioters dog portrait flanked with some candles and flowers from Artista
lenny massive squid mile end
Little sea creatures from Lenny Massive
The Squid Massive from Lenny Massive
Work from Skeleton Cardboard
artista mile end
Artista adding some finishing touches

For more on the paint jam head down to our friends at London Calling Blog who were also there capturing the day.  You can read their post here.

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