Satirical Coronavirus Street Art from John D’oh

A number of stencil artworks often commenting on the UK response to the Coronavirus outbreak have been appearing in Bristol. Created by John D’oh, the artist is well known for his cutting imagery. Ready to challenge the status quo he is unrelenting in putting his work out there.

The coronavirus and the news generated around it has given D’oh plenty of material. From the panic buying of toilet roll to the altogether more serious lack of PPE. John D’oh’s art is a means of putting his challenge out there. It’s a challenge he’s been putting onto the streets. His is the art of protest and of satire.

His work forms part of a trend of street art currently spreading across the globe. As each country deals with the virus in it’s own way. So too do street artists respond in theirs. Based in Bristol, John D’oh is in a city at the heart of the urban art movement. Art which pokes fun at authority and challenges, is no stranger there.

John D’oh Coronavirus Art

Give Them PPE Not Excuses

The lack of PPE provided to frontline workers has been a growing scandal in the fight against Covid-19. John D’Oh’s art has sought to highlight this in a number of pieces. Health Secretary Matt Hancock in particular gets it in the neck. Shown behind bars he is asked to do more than just clap when to support the NHS.

Give them PPE Matt Hancock by John D'oh
‘Don’t just clap’ by John D’oh
Give the NHS PPE not excuses by John D'oh
‘Give the NHS PPE not excuses’ by John D’oh

Profits First

Some companies have most certainly not come out of this whole Cororavirus lockdown looking good. Wetherspoons in particular have been taking flak for their poor handling of staff. They have also been accused of putting profits before safety by wanting to open early.

Wetherspoon be irresponsible profit first by John D'oh
‘Wetherspoon… Be Irresponsible’ by John D’oh

Trumps Disinfectant Super Cure

Donald Trump’s constant wittering present him as an obvious target. As the President of the USA though he is the most powerful person in the world. His statements about injecting disinfectant might have been clumsy but they were made. As John D’oh says it certainly would do a ‘great number on the lungs’.

Trumps Covid-19 does a great number ofn the lungs by John D'oh
‘Trumps Covid-19 Disinfectant’ by John D’oh

No Need to Shit Yourself

One of the least gratifying spectacles in the whole lockdown was panic buying. For some reason sales of bog roll went through the roof. In some cases it was sold on the likes of ebay for a greatly inflated price. A number of artists have been using loo roll as a way to satirize the situation.

Coronavirus… there is no need to shit yourself by John D’oh
A recreation of a Banksy mural which appeared on Clacton on sea a few years ago by John D’oh

Community Spirited Art

Not all John’s work is satirical. Other pieces have a supportive tone whilst still retaining an edge. His neighbourhood watch image shows a family and police with facemasks. They are either showing solidarity or they have a more sinister motive in mind as some form of facemask vigilante group.

Neighbourhood Watch by John D’oh

The ‘Stay at Home’ Save the NHS mural takes on board a bit of wartime spirit. Showing a nurse flexing her muscles saying ‘we can do it’. Sitting down in the corner though is the Grim Reaper. Another nod to Banksy who D’oh likes to reference in his art. He is perhaps waiting for that advice not to be followed.

‘Save the NHS, Stay at Home’ by John D’oh

Embrace the Future

Slightly apocalyptic looking. D’h’s ‘Do Nothing and Embrace the Future’ piece offers a vision of life after Covid-19. In a time when people are becoming ever more cautious about mixing and going outside it’s a vision that for some might not seem too far from reality.

Do nothing and embrace the future by John D’oh

All images in this post are courtesy of John D’oh. For more articles about the street art of Bristol and coronavirus have a look below:

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