America’s Top Graffiti Alley Halls of Fame

As time moves forward, further away from the 70’s, the ever growing graffiti movement takes new forms and tackles new grounds. With huge events like Pow Wow, Mural Festival and Art Basel, we’ve come a long way from neighborhood scribbles to masterful murals that span the length of a 30 floor high-rise.

For a lot of writers, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. Whether you’re a legal eagle or a hardcore bomber. Most will appreciate rocking a good spot or Hall Of Fame on a nice sunny day with a few beers and some familiar beats blasting from the speakers.

Graffiti Halls of Fame in the USA

Though many legendary halls of fame in America such as Five Points have succumbed to modern urban development. There are tons of really fresh Halls-Of-Fame scattered all over the 50 States. Here is a short list of some of the best walls you can find.

1. Venice Graffiti Walls, Venice Beach.

You’ve seen it in graff vids, on youtube, in movies and thousands of photos. It’s probably one of the most legendary halls of fame in America because it’s right in the middle of the USA’s most famous and exciting stretches of sand.

2. Writerz Block, San Diego

A bit further south is what is known as Writerz Block in San Diego. Tons of wall space and the best part is that it’s located behind a famous USA graffiti shop. Get your paint, walk through the gate and get busy!

3. Cambridge, MA

On the other side of America in Cambridge MA, there is a cool little graffiti hall of fame alley type spot they call Central Square Wall. Good wall space and it’s right in the city square so getting good food and beers is never a problem.

Graffiti Hall of Fame in America. Central square wall in Cambridge MA photo by toby mcguire
The Central Square graffiti alley in Cambridge MA. Image taken by Toby Mcguire

If ever you’re in the Austin Texas area and feel like doing a quick burner at a chill spot, the Castle Hill Graffiti Park also known as the HOPE outdoor gallery is your best choice. All sorts of different types of walls bulging out of a hill. There is something for everyone and the view from the top is pretty nice!

5. Pensacola, Florida

Not your typical graffiti Hall-Of-Fame, the Graffiti Bridge in Pensacola is legendary in its own right when it comes to freedom of expression. Rarely covered with loud pieces from your favorite international writer but it definitely has some of the best graff in the country. Further down the same shore, there is a spot called “railroad Bridges” which offers some more wall space for traditional writers and it’s located in a beautiful area right on the water’s edge.

Graffiti bridge in pensacola is a hall of fame in America
The graffiti bridge in Pensacola. Image taken from a Ballinger Publishing article on the art of the city

6. Oahu, Hawaii

The drainage systems on the island of Oahu in Hawaii are by far some of the nicest halls of fame in the country. Smooth walls on both sides that stretch for miles with tons of quality graff from dope writers. Though they are not 100% legal, they seem to be tolerated. Remember to respect the locals and the beautiful nature when you paint such spots and be careful of flash floods or you might end up floating in the ocean.

7. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has no shortage of abandoned homes and building for people to get busy but if ever you’re in the neighboring town of Ann Arbor, you can do a quick thing in the infamous Graffiti Alley. There is a decent amount of wall space but getting a good photo of a big piece can be a challenge.

graffiti alley in michigan is a graffiti hall of fame in america
Graffiti Alley hall of fame in Michigan, USA. Image taken from Imgur

8. 106th St & Park Ave Wall, New York

It’s debatable on which wall was the first hall of fame but the most famous one is definitely the legendary 106th St & Park Ave wall. Only reserved for the kings of this graff game. Keep painting and maybe one day you will see your name on the legendary graffiti Hall-Of-Fame that coined the phrase.

untapped cities 106th street new york
106th Street and Park Avenue wall Picture taken from Untapped Cities

America’s Top Halls of Fame was a guest post from our friends at Bombing Science. In the UK we’ve also featured a number of halls of fame on Inspiring City such as the Leake Street Tunnel and the Trellick Tower.

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