10 Artists to Watch Out for at the Roy’s People Art Fair

We’ve been trailing this one for a while and have already featured the works of a number of artists taking part, but Roy’s Art Fair is coming soon so we thought we’d do a quick preview in the best way we know how.

The art fair itself is a start up masterminded by Roy, the artist otherwise known as Roy’s People and Sam Peacock, both are artists who we’ve featured a number of times on Inspiring City. One of the aims of the event is that this should be artist led and artist inspired meaning that artists are at the heart of things and we like that.

So, there are over 60 artists taking part in the show but we thought we’d feature the ten which we are most looking forward to seeing and in no particular order here they are, the 10 artists to watch out for at Roy’s People Art Fair.

Alex McIntyre

Alex creates paintings primarily using ink and gesso on marine ply. Inspired by walking and running she tries to capture a sense of the feeling of being in the landscape. Her works are not particular places but the memory of experiences, of breath, movement and light. She is particularly interested in exploring sky, space, land and weather and the works often have a dream-like, calming quality.


Andrea Tyrimos

Known for her brick series and more recently her work drawing attention to people living with mental health conditions, Andrea has long been a favourite of this blog and we first interviewed her back in 2014 when she was preparing for her first solo show at the Curious Duke Gallery. She was virtually camped out in the alley known as Blackall Street blending canvas into the wall, a painstaking process but at the end you really couldn’t tell which was which,

andrea tyrimos bipolar picasso
Andrea Tyrimos at the opening of her solo show ‘Bipolar Picasso’

Corinne Natel

Inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion, media, colour, form, space and texture. Corinne often works on seasons or nature based environments with colour, looking at how colours work with one another and the colour relationship with the season or environment.


David Hughes

A designer and artist who uses LEGO® Bricks to create contemporary art. His mosaics are accessible, colourful and fun. Whether they are classic works of pop-art re-made in bricks, LEGO mosaic portraits or bright, graphic based images from popular culture, they all make you smile. Just as LEGO should.


DD Regalo

“I like it messy. Raw. A little loose around the edges. I like my art to say something with the texture and the way it works with the colours in a specific part of a piece.” So says DD Regalo the abstract artist whose career has spanned hip hop, free ski-ing and skateboarding. He’s a happy soul always looking for wonder in what’s around him, we even interviewed DD recently and you can read that here.

DD Regalo
DD Regalo by the collaboration piece he created with Core 246 at Great Art in aid of Amnesty International
DD Regalo roys people art fair
Street piece from DD Regalo advertising the art fair on Hanbury Street

Fraser Renton

Fraser abstract works are eye catching and impactful. “As far back as I can remember” he says “I have always had a love for linear geometrics and colour field paintings. I see the world we live in a place full of linear-geometric constructions with enhanced colour vibrancies.” He isn’t far wrong his work is great to look at and a full on colour show.


Iva Troj

The talented Iva Troj, up from Brighton and originally from Bulgaria, her works are dreamlike and exceptional in equal measure. Her work is inspired by the renaissance and by japanese art and culture, she combines these to create scenes of complexity and detail. Giving us an insight into her way of thinking on her website she says “There is a point in every artist’s career when one is tempted to choose a tested and proven path. I’m constantly trying to resist this temptation by containing the “paths” in series where I can explore a motif or a theme without succumbing to the comforts of one visual style. The artists that I look up to for inspiration have one thing in common – constant renewal.”


Mr Doodle

Rapidly growing a name for himself on the urban art scene Mr Doodle just can’t stop he paints everywhere and everything. We featured his work in the blog a few years ago when he painted a whole series of hoardings on Great Eastern Street. Now that seems small beer with the sort of large scale projects he’s been getting involved with. Seeing Mr Doodle in action is a must.

the doodle man
Epic Shoreditch doodling

Raffaella Bertolini

Multi talented Italian artist Raffaella Bertolini was recently featured in these very pages and she wowed us then with the sheer variety and quality of her work. Influenced by what’s happening around her as well as by literature and music her works have always got a story to tell.

Raffaella Bertolini
‘Should I Stay or Should I go’ by Raffaella Bertolini

Sarah Fosse

Sarah Fosse’s wobbly paintings give the cities she paints a whole new twist. Her favourite place to paint though is London and her unique way of looking at the world paints the city in a whole new light. “I see the city in loud, vibrant colour, the energy of the place, I hate when people say the city is always grey.. no it’s not we have so much colour going on” She told us this recently when she put on another show as part of the Totally Thames festival itself a huge success and something we covered here.

battersealarge sarah fosse

Roys People’s Art Fair will be showing at the Candid Arts Trust in Angel from 14-17 September 2017

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