Photographs of Leake Street New Years Day 2016

It looked like New Years Eve was brought in pretty well at the Leake Street Tunnel. Wandering around on the first day of 2016, the debris of the night before could still be seen, cluttering the lane as the street sweepers took a day off.

In fact, there was an eerie stillness about the tunnel today.  A lone writer was the only person to be seen amongst the broken bottles and other accumulated rubbish.  Leake Street is of course just a stones through away from the London Eye where the main fireworks would have taken place and where crowds will have gathered to watch.  There must have been quite a party.

Transforming the Tunnel

There’s also been a noticeable change of tack happening in the tunnel of late.  It’s roof has started to be used more and more.  Artists seem to be trying to get some longevity out of their pieces by painting higher and higher.  Ironic considering that for years it’s all about painting for the now, knowing fine well that someone else will come to paint over your work the next day.


And indeed there are some impressive pieces to be seen, Olivier Robieu’s portrait of Zabou dominates with work from others including Hannah Adamaszek, Psychodoodlz and Donk of all people who seems to have thrown himself into the Leake Street world with an audacious piece.

So anyway it’s New Years Day 2016 and if there were tumbleweeds around they would have been blowing down the Leake Street tunnel.  It’s quite nice when it’s quiet and of course there is always some good art to see, both on the roof and on the walls.  So here it is, the new years art of the tunnel.

The Leake Street tunnel was visited on New Years Day 2016 and all pictures in this post were taken by Inspiring City.  For some other posts about the Leake Street Tunnel try these on Femme Fierce, the Ben Naz paint jam and this alternative photographic journey.

Leake Street Art in 2016 Gallery

Zabou by Olivier Roubieu
WP_20160101_12_19_27_Pro (1)
Works by Donk on the roof of the tunnel
A bunch of chilli’s all tied up from HNRX
Portraits from Wum Zum and Hannah Adamaszek
The tunnel with painted roof and walls.
Work from Elno
The Psychodoodlz crew have been using the tunnel a lot lately and they’ve been going bigger and better every time.
Small bit of detail from Psychodoodlz massive mural
Some eye catching eyes.  Not sure who the artist is but looks like it could be another by Olivier Roubieu.
View of the tunnel
Outside the tunnel looking in
Looking down the tunnel
The path leading to the tunnel
New work on the walls of the tunnel
The South Bank end looking pretty deserted
Debris from the night before
Leake Street appears to have been renamed PAD street in honour of one of it’s most prolific visitors, the artist PAD
WP_20160101_12_27_34_Pro (2)
I wouldn’t have guessed it, but this crazy little mushroom is a piece from AR
WP_20160101_12_22_34_Pro (1)
The stand out piece for me is this from Olivier Roubieu, an excellent portrait of Zabou


  1. Almost Snap Stuart…. I paid a visit on New Years Eve during the day to take one last look and take a few snaps…. Not much going on and little of note really.. The ceiling is worth seeing thou! Look forward to reading your best of Leake Street from 2015….

    1. Sadly I didn’t manage to get down there nearly as much as I would have liked during 2015 but looking at the current trend of big roof painting maybe there will be more chance to see cool stuff in 2016 😉

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