Jonesy Street Art in London the Artist Who is Our Little Secret

One of the most elusive and mysterious purveyors of street art around in London at the moment is the artist known only as Jonesy. A darling of street art tour guides. They love the fact that his art is often hidden yet in plain sight.

A versatile street artist, Jonesy is perhaps best known as a sculptor. Producing works in bronze and in wood. He also produces original drawn paste ups.. His sculptural work is often, but not always, placed high up on the top of street signs or on walls. Jonesy does not appear to want his street art to be initially impactful as many would perhaps want their work to be. Nor does he mass produce his work. He is not a prolific artist and so mass recognition does not seem to be important. Rather his work sneaks up on you and this is why he is the darling of the street art tour scene.

For a full interview with Jonesy click here.

Jonesy Street Art

A quick search of google will not reveal much about him. We know he is an environmental campaigner because of the theme of some of his art. It’s true that we also know that he is skilled in bronze casting. It stands to reason that he might work in a complimentary field. He is also quite clearly a campaigner. His art reflects strong views on the environment and global warming yet it’s audience is small in comparison with that of other artists.

I’ve also heard him described as a man in his 50’s. Generally above the average age for the more traditional spray can wielding street artist. He doesn’t seem to put himself forward or shout about what he does. He doesn’t seem to pay much heed to the rest of the street art scene in London and he doesn’t seem to care too much for fame.

Street Art Castings in Bronze

It suprises me a little because his work can be so detailed and so intricate. You would think that a wider audience would be sought as opposed to being known as the East End’s best kept secret. But perhaps that is the idea. He is the artist that no-one knows about. The artist you need to inducted into, the artist who is our little secret.

Jonesy’s street art, particularly his sculptures in bronze, are an absolute treat to come across. He takes the concept of street art to a whole new level. With some of his work, once seen it’s difficult not to notice when you come across it again. Many an attendee on a street art tour when first inducted into the world of Jonsey. Has then proceeded to spend the next couple of hours staring at the top of street signs trying to be the first to spot another.

So, as usual I’ve been out and about to see what Jonesys I could find. I’ve put together a little gallery showing some of his work in Bronze, Wood and Paper. Consider yourself inducted!

Update – 2nd February 2014. Pottering around Shoreditch today I noticed a few other pieces, from Jonesy on Bacon Street and Pedley Street, always good to see more of his work.

A metal lizard type sculpture on Bacon Street
A metal lizard type sculpture on Bacon Street
Another metal piece next to art by HIN on Bacon Street
Another metal piece next to art by HIN on Bacon Street
Paste up by Jonesy on Pedley Street
Paste up by Jonesy on Pedley Street

Or check out this fantastic video from Fifth Wall Productions


      1. There’s another item I saw last week — It’s possibly Isaac Cordal but it’s high on the top of a sign. Looks like the head and shoulders of one of his little stone men. It’s perched high up on a sign that’s bent a little bit and located in the middle of Columbia Road at the end where the flower market stalls are. (I’ve not posted in my blog about it yet as I wait to get a few pictures first and then include a page…I have so much waiting to publish. LOL.)

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